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[TRAVEL] Experience Digital Exhibitions at National Museum Singapore for Free!

Have you ever visited the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands, where the Future World exhibition is held? The exhibition showcases 4 different themes, Nature, Town, Park and Space, and it showcases artworks by using digital technology. Prices are at $13 for Singaporeans adults, and $10 for local students, $6 for children. However, there is a new exhibition over at National Museum Singapore where it provides free entry to Singaporeans and PRs!

Under the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, the creators behind Future World, Team Lab brings 69 drawings from the collection to life.  The Story of the Forest exhibition is located at the Glass Rotunda, and it begins with a bridge with floral artworks all around you. (Beware you might feel a little giddy due to the movement of the artworks!)

The exhibition continues with a two-story Rotunda route, where it is surrounded by not only the forest but animals. The Upper Rotunda has a different habitat as compared to the Lower Rotunda but visitors are able to spend as much time as they want in the exhibition. (And it is not only one way, visitors are able to head up to the Upper Rotunda again.)  The weather will change too, from time to time, it will ‘rain’ and visitors will be able to see how the animals in the exhibition react to it.

The experience will be complete when you lie down and look at the different flora in the Glass Rotunda which will ‘grow’ and change.  There is also an application where visitors are able to enhance their visit at Story of the Forest, where they are able to “hunt” and “capture” the flora and fauna with their phone. Visitors will be rewarded with insights to the artworks from the collections which inspired the creations.

Thus, head down to National Museum Singapore for an immersive and educational experience! There are also other exhibition in the museum such as the Singapore History Gallery, We Built A Nation, etc, where visitors are able to learn more about Singapore. 

Open daily from 10am to 7pm, last admission for Story of the Forest is at 6.15pm. Free Admission to all galleries for Singaporeans & PRs. 


[DANCE] Lia Kim and Mina Myoung Workshop in Singapore


1 Million studios’ instructors Lia Kim and Mina Myoung is coming to Singapore for two days of workshop! There are 8 classes with includes the famous La La Latch, 7/11 as well as Formation and Sorry. Lia and Mina will also be teaching two new choreographies each!

Date: 30 April 2016 (Saturday)
1.30PM – Class 2: 7/11 – BEYONCE / MINA MYOUNG
4.00PM – Class 3: Unreleased Song *NEW* /LIA KIM
5.30PM – Class 4: Unreleased Song *NEW* /MINA MYOUNG

Date: 1 May 2016 (Sunday)
4.00PM – Class 7: Unreleased Song *NEW* /LIA KIM
5.30PM – Class 8: Unreleased Song*NEW* /MINA MYOUNG

Price: SGD75.00 per Class
Combo Packages:
COMBO A: Full Package – 8 Classes – $450.00
COMBO B: 6 Classes – $350.00
COMBO C: 4 Classes – 250.00

*You can share the combo packages with a friend! The maximum number of people sharing any combo packages is only 2. But within the number of classes, you can spilt them up differently. For example, for 4 classes combo, you can either share 2/2 or 1/3; 6 classes combo, you can either share 1/5, 2/4, 3/3, etc.

Payment Details:
1) Select the Quantity of the tickets to reserve and proceed with payment
2) Please Whatsapp the proof of payment and Class (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8) to +65 92228145 (Grace) for acknowlegment of reservation. Reservation is confirmed when a reply from the number is received. All confirmation of slots is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please WhatsApp to +65 92228145 with the Screenshot of your confirmed payment with the following message format:

Name[space]Combo (A/B/C)[space] Class (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

Any enquires, please contact via WhatsApp to 92228145 (Grace) or email to gqgrace.des@gmail.com for clarification.

Payment Link: https://www.xfers.io/item/zBOjBO8Zn7

[DANCE] [COMPETITION] Rookies Kpop Dance Competition


Heads up Kpop lovers! Show what you’ve got on the 9th and 10th of April, at the Rookies Kpop Dance Competition! Organized by Studio De S, this competition is open to cover groups who has little or no experiences in competing!

The auditions will be held on the 9th and 10th of April at Central Mall, Clark Quay. Semi finals will be held in June and finals will be held in August. All cover teams registered will need to perform for the audition round, held in April. Groups have to be covering Kpop dances and to have less than 7 members per team. Performance pieces need to be less than 4 minutes. This competition is open all cover teams regardless of age groups! Groups are required to have no or less than two competitions’ experience prior to registration. Do note that there will be a $20 registration fee for all teams.
To register, simply head down to Kpop Night Out held at Central Mall, Clark Quay on the 25 of March, Friday, from 6-8pm. There will be registration of the Rookies Kpop Dance Competition as well as a 2 hours lined-up performances. Catch amazing performance from HTL, Formax, La-KiS, AM5THYST, KXI, SGK, Maniac, as well as De S Crew and Baby Swan. Aden Tan and Zi Jie will also be performing for the event as well.

For more information, please email studiodessg@gmail.com!


[REVIEW] K-Live Sentosa: A hologram concert experience in Singapore

GOT7 Press Conference Official Photo

Southeast Asia’s first dedicated K-pop holographic theatre, K-live Sentosa, was launched in Singapore in late February 2016. In its inaugural foray outside of South Korea, K-live Sentosa will be located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Waterfront. First introduced in Seoul, South Korea, in 2014, K-live has attracted over 200,000 visitors from around the world. The captivating experience of a high definition virtual concert makes K-live an entertaining digital attraction for visitors.


With its launch in Singapore, K-live Sentosa pays perfect homage to the best of the Korean culture and its cutting-edge digital technologies – by seamlessly combining high-tech holographic content starring popular Korean pop stars such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7. The Singapore edition has been enhanced through the addition of original traditional and modern dance performances to make for a more holistic experience.


Mr Sean Park, Director of K-live Sentosa, wanted to provide a platform for the artistes to perform in Singapore as well as fans to see their performance as often, thus K-Live is designed to make visitors feel like they’re attending a real-life concert, the experience is made even more engaging with the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies and a myriad of special effects.

The hologram concert runs everyday, and there are two different types of shows which visitors can choose from.

      1. Full package with Live Performance: The full package comprises a 10-minute live performance, which includes Flying (Korean Modern Dance) or Ego (Krump), and a 5-minute behind-the-scenes look into the production of a holographic concert. After that, the hologram concert will follow. (explained below)
      2.  Holographic Concert: This package starts with a 5-minute Jin-do Drum Dance in holographic form, followed by the 5- minute behind-the-scenes look into the production of a holographic concert. Then, it’s what fans have been waiting for – the 30-minute Holographic Concert, with a line-up of today’s hottest K-Pop stars performing their hit singles every day. The show includes top hits like 2PM’s “Hands Up”, Wonder Girls’ “I Feel You” and “Girls Girls Girls” by GOT7.

To know more about the schedule, please visit K-Live Sentosa Facebook or RWS Sentosa Attractions Page. Student prices are available, please proceed on-site to K-live ticket booths with valid student ID in person. 


Additionally, the holographic content for K-live Sentosa will be updated every six months, releasing new virtual songs from the top trending K-Pop artists. Similarly, the live performances will be changed every three months!


Kpress has recently went down to K-Live Sentosa to experience the hologram concert magic ourselves! It is located at RWS, if you’re walking into Sentosa, it is just after the Alive Museum. If you’re coming into Sentosa by the monorail/bus/car, you just need to find the Korean town food court (Insadong), walk down and you’ll find K-Live!

The friendly staffs will guide you into the show area, which is an open space. You can either choose to stay at the back where you will be able to see all the three huge screens or stand all the way in front and get a closer view at your idols. The show will start off when the Jin-Do drum dance, followed by some behind-the-scenes snippets of the idols.




The show will start with the beast-ly dols, 2PM with their top hit, “Hands Up”. Together with the lighting effects as well as the amazing sound quality, it feels like you’re in a club with them! They introduced themselves as a group and individually like what idols always do in concerts, before performing their recent song, “My House”. And here comes an interactive part with the boys! One of the staff will ask one of the audience to sit on a swing, which will be projected in the concert with 2PM! What an experience!


Next up, Wonder Girls with “I Feel You” and then Got7 with “Just Right”, “Girls Girls Girls” and “Stop Stop It”. All the songs were performed with lighting effects, as well as some other effects such as white foams falling down matching the song/screen, bubbles on the concert as well as the show area, which will make it feel like the bubbles are coming from the screen!

In a nutshell, we feel that this experience is a fun and interesting one. For those fans who has not been to a real concert before or you simply want to save the concert hassle (Buying tickets, Q-ing to get into the concert venue, squeezing with other fans, etc) , you should totally give this hologram concert a try! Especially when the show changes every three months, you should catch the show now if you like the songs that are being performed now. Also, the friendly staffs you will encounter is totally different from the staffs that you will meet at real concerts. K-Live staffs are so friendly and they are always seen welcoming everyone with a smile; they make the whole experience feel so complete. So, we recommend everyone to experience K-Live Sentosa now!

Kpress would like to thank K-Live and Nadiah for the invite to review the concert as we had a really enjoyable experience.



B2UTIES alert! BEAST (B2ST) will be coming to Singapore for their BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore on 24th September 2015.

BEAST or B2ST is a six-member South Korean boy band formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment.

Since their debut, BEAST has released two Korean full-length albums, seven mini albums, one Japanese full-length album and various singles. The group’s debut release was in October 2009, when their first mini album, BEAST IS THE B2ST, was made available. They then released their first full-length album, FICTION AND FACT, in 2011, receiving their first triple crown on M.Net’s M! Countdown for their lead single FICTION. In the same year, BEAST made their Japanese debut with the release of the single, SHOCK (Japanese Version).

The group has since achieved significant commercial and critical accolades with time, winning the Bonsang Award at the Seoul Music Awards in both 2011 and 2012. BEAST won Artist of the Year (Daesang) Award at the Melon Awards and Album of the Year for FICTION AND FACT at the Gaon Chart Awards for the second quarter of 2011.

FICTION also won a Daesang for “Song of the Year” at the 2011 KBS Music Festival. They repeated this feat in 2012 winning Artist of the Year at the Melon Music Awards.

BEAST also made their comeback recently with their 8th mini album titled “Ordinary”, featuring their title-track “YeY” and pre release track “Gotta go to work”.

After a 3 year wait, BEAST is finally coming back to Singapore after their last concert “Beautiful Show” in 2012! Fans can anticipate an exciting and unforgettable fan meet as they will perform a minimum of 12 songs and include 2 game segments!






TICKET PRICE: S$268, S$208, S$168 & S$128


Sales Platforms: Tickets will be available via all Sistic platforms.

Time: From 3pm Onwards.


BEAST “Ordinary” Fan Meet in Singapore 2015 is proudly brought to you by IME Productions Singapore & Three Angles Group.

[COVERAGE] VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015


The 6 member boy group is finally here on our sunny island with their second solo concert; VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015. The group started off their concert with the songs On And On, Voodoo Doll, Light Up The Darkness and then Secret NightAfter the 4 songs, the boys greeted their fans (ST☆RLIGHTs) hello as VIXX before greeting them individually, earning more screams from the audience.


Then, Ken took over the stage with his amazing voice through covering Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.


Ravi brought out his rapping skills through his solo, Ghost while Maknae Hyuk started on the piano with his solo cover of Jeff Bernat’s Call You Mine, melting all the fans’ heart.


After-which a VCR was played, showing fans the different emotions of VIXX in Slow-motion before all member came back up on stage with Say U Say Me and Rock Ur Body. The next ment from VIXX was to show some individual stretching/gymnastics moves they each have. While Leo went all out by showing a high flip, Ken won the hearts of the fans.


Ballad songs, Love Letter and Someday had all audience moving their beautiful voices while moving their fanlights. Those without fanlights even brought out their flashlight on their phones to participate in the sea of white lights.


Leo turn on the stage again with his powerful vocals for this solo stage, Words to Say. Hongbin followed after with his solo dance stage in combination of some awesome LED effects while N wow-ed the audience by dancing blindfolded.


Following the tempo, the members appeared in gold suits for Hyde, Beautiful Killer, Eternity as the well-known Error. Recharged by the fans’ cheering and screams, the encore started with Love Equation, From Now On and You’re My Girl.


The boys promised that they will be back really soon, as well as to produce better music for the fans before they ended the night ended with G.R.8.U.

For more photos, please head to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.947786798605062.1073741849.253229304727485&type=1

For some live action from the concert, please head to https://youtu.be/4Y7dLpKWpvs

Do like our Facebook page as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Kpress Singapore will like to express our thanks to Three Angles Production once again for inviting us to cover this concert!

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SG KPOP CON aims to be an annual event which celebrate the union of culture and interest of Kpop among the locals of Singapore. The event will not only host a K-pop competition where the grand prize winner will be selected to represent Singapore in Korea. (Inclusive of air travel and live expenses) but will also set to showcase various performances by both local and overseas artist highlighting the beauty and culture of the two countries (Korea and Singapore).

They are currently holding auditions for this event until the 7th June 2015; The winner of the Best Cover Dance Title will get an all-expense paid trip to Korea and also an opportunity to perform at K-POP Festival 2015. The winner of the Best Vocal and Best Performance will get the chance to enter the online competition for KBS K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL as Singapore Representatives.