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[EVENT] Gary Showcase Featuring Jung-In in Singapore 2014

Leessang’s Gary will be back in Singapore with Jung-In in October!

Ticket sales have already started on 2 October 2014, you may purchase tickets from SISTIC website or authorised agents starting 10am.

Event Details:

Gary Showcase Featuring Jung-In in Singapore 2014
Date: 24th October 2014
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Kallang Theatre

Seating plans & Prices:




For more details, head to Fast Track Events Facebook page!

[COVERAGE] LC9 in Singapore

Showcase @ Jcube
Showcase @ Jcube

LC9 (League of Competition #9) arrived in Singapore for their first event here on the 29th November. Their fans (Love Beats)  welcomed them warmly at night for their fan-sign event held at Bugis Junction. The six member boy group consisting of Rasa (leader), E.Den, J-Hyo, King, Jun and AO debuted in May this year and were formed by Nega Network, which is also home to the fabulous and talented Brown Eyed Girls and Lunafly. Despite the heavy rain, Love Beats stayed on and waited for the fan sign to start as it was delayed. They had their fan sign while their fans managed to meet their idols up-close.

Then, the next morning, a press conference was held at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel. The boys managed to greet the media for the short press conference despite it was held in the early morning. The MC of the press conference started off by asking them how do they feel to have Singapore as their first overseas experience. E.Den said that this was their first official group event overseas and they feel very honoured to be here and also have the chance to perform here for their fans. In terms of Singapore as a whole, he feel that it is very natural with a lot of trees and stuffs like that and definitely a breath of fresh air from Korea so it is another aspect that they enjoy being here in Singapore.

LC9 stands for League of Competition because there are a lot of Korean idol singer now so they have to survive the competition and other than that the six of them were selected very competitively, as there are a lot of people who wanted to debut and they were the survivors from there so we named our group as League of Competition.

J-Hyo said that the singer whom inspires him is Bruno Mars. He is a singer and song writer. He didn’t know much about the pop songs but through the cover of his songs, he learnt more about pop songs for foreign singers. E.Den who have always been into rap ever since he was young and he was from Canada so one of his inspiration for rap he really looks up to was Drake. Jun’s inspiration is SHINee as they are very good looking and they are very good at singing live. At first when Rasa started off his career in the music industry, he got motivated by Brain McKnight. But now, he is more interested in the performances and stuffs so his motivation now is Chris Brown. For maknae AO, it’s Monday Kiz And SG Wannabe as they sing really good ballad songs. And by listening to their songs, he got to learn more about the emotional parts of the songs so they really inspire him.

For what to expect for the showcase which will be held at night after the press conference, Jun said that they have prepared a lot of performances that they have never shown before so do look forward to it. LC9 will be going to Indonesia for their showcase in January and they will be going overseas a lot for their showcases so fans from other countries do wait for them! And also in Korea, they are preparing for the next album so please keep a look out got it. They are still choosing their songs for the album so it is going to be released probably before March. And also, they are probably coming back to Singapore again with their new songs!

On how do they stand out from the other rookie groups, King said that they are actually a few other singers who debuted during the similar period with them such as BTS and History. LC9 have done many shows together with them and he think that they are different in a way that their music is kind of different in their songs. They are more hiphop while LC9’s music have more of electronic songs. When being asked if they had ever thought of a collaboration with BEG and Lunafly, they are actually planning to have a collaboration with either of them for the Christmas season. J-Hyo think it is probably a carol song and they are still in the stage of picking. That makes the end of the short press conference with LC9.

At night, the showcase was held at Jcube and LC9 performed songs as well as played games with their fans. They even performed ‘Bounce’ in Chinese just for their Singaporean fans. They also covered some songs such as ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Never Say Never’ for Love Beats. There are also fans from other countries which flow over to Singapore for their showcase. After the showcase, a photo-taking session was also held before LC9 and also some fans left for the Sheng Siong Show. For the last day before LC9 left Singapore, they held a high-touch (or High-5) session at Jcube where fans can have a ‘last-touch’ with them before they left.

Once again, thanks to East Singapore for organising this event as well as inviting Kpress to this event.
Photos from the event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.657061031010975.1073741839.253229304727485&type=1&l=ff9655dad2

Transcript & Press Conference photos by: Zenna
Report & showcase photos by: Joey



SKARF held their first exclusive showcase ‘DREAMS COME TRUE’ in Singapore this August.

Comprising of 5 members (Tasha, Ferlyn, Hana, Jenny and JooA), SKarf recently made a comeback in May with their first mini album ‘Luv Virus’, which has received much positive response from the fans. Other than their showcase which was held on 11th August, SKarf have also held a press conference for the media and a Meet & Greet session for the fans on the 10th.  As Tasha and Ferlyn are Singaporeans, this makes Singapore fans feel related to SKarf and this has proven with the amount of fans that have turned up for both the showcase and the Meet&Greet!  SKarf is the first ever Singapore-Korean girl group in Korea and have managed to gain much attention after or even before they debut. This was SKarf’s first official showcase in Singapore and they have performed songs from their first two mini-albums, along with interesting new programs for the fans in Singapore.

Check out the photos taken by us throughout all three events!


Thanks to Alpha Entertainment and My Dream Station for inviting us to this event!

[COVERAGE] Sparta Kim Jong Kook Fanmeet & Showcase in Singapore

Known as Running Man’s commander, or kookie (as he prefers), had a fan meet showcase in Singapore on the 22nd February and had 1680-seats all filled up. Fans of Kim Jong Kook were actively cheering for him throughout the entire showcase and Kim Jong Kook confessed that the turnout made him nervous.

Despite having a translator, Kim Jong Kook spoke mostly English during the showcase and was taught singlish (singaporean phrases)  by the emcee. One of the phrases taught was “sotong” (it means blur) and the emcee suggested he could use it on Kwangsoo. Jongkook laughed and said “sotong” means cow dung in Korea. During the introduction, Jongkook mentioned that this was his second trip to Singapore. During his first trip, he came right after Running Man filming in Hongkong and got to taste our local food such as chicken rice and chili crab. His first impression of Singapore is – Singapore is clean and have big trees, and his response was met with laughter from the audience. As promised by the commander, he agreed to inform the Running Man directors of his experience and hopefully get the crew to film in Singapore another day.

“I hope you see you again, hopefully with the running man members” says the man himself.

With several songs and game interactions with the audience, it concludes the showcase event. Jongkook had put up a great show and we hope to see him again!

Photos by: Mode Entertainment