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On Tuesday, 22nd of November, two main cast of tvN’s mega drama, Entourage, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Hwi had a press conference with media from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at RWS Singapore.

They shared their favourite memories about filming the drama, and travelling around Korea was Seo Kang Joon’s favourite moment. The drama was filmed not only in Seoul, thus it required the actors to travel around places for filming. The casts will also play games with punishments, and Lee Dong Hwi lost in a game when they were in Busan and he had to stand in the pouring rain for 5 minutes. In the end, the poor actor caught a cold. The MC commented that fans are going to be all ready and shelter him from the rain next time, come on fans ;).


Entourage is a Korean re-make of the popular US drama series of the same title, starring Seo Kang-joon, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jung-min and Lee Dong-hwi. The drama surrounds the “bromance” among young popular actor, Cha Young-bin (Seo Kang-Joon) and his childhood best buddies Lee Ho-jin (Park Jung-Min), Cha Joon (Lee Kwang-Soo) and “Turtle” Geobook (Lee Dong-hwi), as well as the interesting encounter with Kim Eun-gab (Cho Jin-woong), CEO of Cha Young-bin’s management agency. (Text from tvN Asia) 

However, both actors cleared that they are the total opposites of their characters in the drama and in real life. The role Seo Kang Joon takes on in the drama is a top star in Korea, which is what he wants to become, lives a extravagant life that he wonders if its the way how Korean top star live. He always stay at home to play with his cat, or invites his friends over for beer or walk along Han River alone. Unlike his character in the drama, where Cha Young Bin goes to a lot of hot places to hang out with his friends. The only similarity he has with Young Bin is that he will suit his friends’ desire and do what they want.


As for Lee Dong Hwi, he is also the type of person which likes to stay at home to play his playstation. Unlike his character which likes to go out a lot and is very dependent on his friends for everything as he doesn’t earn money, he is a very independent person who will like to solve his own problems without relying on his friends. Both of them are actually total opposites of their character where in real life they love to stay at home.

Dong Hwi also commented that acting is not easy for him, as every single second in his acting career is a challenge for him. He is always worrying about what role he should take on next. He gave his best in his role of being a good friend of Young Bin and he hope that it is being delivered to the viewers through the show.


Seo Kang Jun wanted to show a different image from his role Baek In Ho in his previous drama, Cheese in the Trap, he too, was also worrying about the type of roles he choose to take on for his future plans. Baek In Ho is a young man in his 20’s so he is a simple guy chasing after his dreams with a sad story, while in Entourage he is playing as a growing celebrity in the entertainment industry. Thus it is two very different characters for him.

In Reply 1998, Lee Dong Hwi was portraying as a lonely guy with no friends and he has to strive for everything alone. While in Entourage, he has a famous celebrity friend thus the lifestyle is very different. In Entourage, he plays a witty character but which is actually a total opposite of what he is in real life.

On why viewers should watch this drama, Seo Kang Joon commented that it conveys the happiness of the entertainment industry and it about love and friendship. Lee Dong Hwi also added on that if anyone is curious about the Korean entertainment industry, they should watch the drama. It also shows how the main cast mature through the industry.


Premiere expressly on tvN on 7 November,

Every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:15 pm

Singtel TV 518 (HD) / 619 (HD); StarHub TV 824 (HD).

View photos from the Press Conference here:



Kpress would like to thank tvN for the invitation!

Coverage & Transcript by: Joey

Photos by: Clarabelle

[COVERAGE] FTHX FTIsland Live in Singapore Press Conference

FTIsland are finally back in Singapore after 2 years and they are here to hold their 6th Anniversary concert here! On the day of the Press conference, it was FTIsland’s leader Jong Hun’s birthday too! The boys appeared in Black & White suits and Hongki in shades. Jong Hun was really calm throughout the whole conference, Hongki was on his best smile, Min Hwan was really quiet only speaking his thoughts when asked or when the other members especially Jaejin tease him. Jaejin was ‘clapping’ to whatever was said technically and well I would say his clapping isn’t supportive but more of sarcastic claps. Seung Hyun joins occasionally in Jaejin’s clapping, teasing other members and smiling (though mostly of the time he was just stoning). Below is the transcript for the Press Conference.

MC: Let’s welcome FTIsland in! Welcome guys! I’m sure that you guys are really excited to be here. Why don’t we get everyone of you to say hi to our Singapore media over here?
All: Hello we are FT Island.
MC: Alright. Why don’t we have each and every one to say hi to the Singapore fans, since you haven’t seen them for a while?
Seung Hyun: Hello introduce myself, my name is Seung Hyun. Thank you. Good Day
Jae Jin: Hi, I’m Jae Jin.
Min Hwan: (speaks in Korean) Hello, I’m Min Hwan.
Hong Ki: Hello I’m Hong Ki
Jong Hun: Hello I’m Jong Hun.
MC: It’s been 2 years since Ft Island has been in Singapore and you will be performing for us and I think a lot of us are really really looking forward to your concert tomorrow at the FTHX Event. So how do you feel about coming back to Singapore to perform?
Hong Ki: It definitely feels very good. One thing that I am very excited is the fact that Korea is very very cold at the moment, so it’s nice to be in a warm country like Singapore. But it’s really too hot here. Because the weather is too hot, I turned on the aircon a bit too strong so it feels like my cold is coming back so I’m a little bit worried.
MC: Or you can wear less. Sexy.
HK: The stylist told me to dress up for the press conference so I hope I look good today.
MC: You look fantastic.
Hong Ki: Thank you thank you. I know I know.
MC: The concert is happening tomorrow at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We are really excited about it. Can you tell us if there is any special performance we can be expecting?
Hong Ki: We were asked this questions a lot while we were on our Asia tour. The special thing about this tour is that we actually organized this entire tour on our own so we do have our ideas incorporated in the tour and concerts. I hope you guys enjoy and relax yourself while listening to the music. And it’s going to be a standing concert so I hope you guys go crazy and enjoy the whole event.
MC: That is for sure. Have you actually prepared any special segment just for the fans in Singapore?
Jae Jin: Min Hwan can answer.
Min Hwan: Yes, Jae Jin can answer.
Jae Jin: Not to say that it is something specially for the Singaporean fans, but because we feel thankful to all the fans that we meet, by us trying to perform our best on stage and giving our best, it is the biggest thing we can offer to our fans and I hope you will be able to see that tomorrow.
MC: Every performance is going to be a special performance and that’s what we are looking for. It’s been 6 years right, since FT Island has been out and since your debut album, you have been getting really really good results. 6 years is actually a pretty long time, so how do you feel about being in the band for these 6 long years?
Hong Ki: Exactly is 8 years. There were many things happening- good things and bad things. It was definitely not an easy start given the fact that we were the first few idol bands in Korea so there were definitely ups and downs. Because we are new, it took time to become what we are now. As we move on to a later stage of our career, we definitely think that we can work on something we really want to do like music that we can really put our soul into. I hope that you guys will look forward to it and enjoy the music we will be producing in the future.
MC: So what is one of the toughest challenges that you guys had to face during your time together?
Hong Ki: There is just too many. But it would probably be the stereotype that we had received from the public.
MC: We are excited to know about the future goals of FT Island. What is happening next for FT Island?
Hong Ki: It would definitely be the next album because it would be the first album where all the members’ ideas and taste of music are incorporated into it. But we don’t know how much the audience will like it so there is a bit of happy anticipation and at the same time, a bit of concern. But I do hope you guys will look forward to seeing our next album.
MC: I know that your Japanese single will be coming up soon, so can you tell us a bit about the Japanese album?
Hong Ki: No comment about that.
MC: No comment? Alright so we will just look forward to your brand new launch in April right?
Hong Ki: It may not be April.
MC: Alright, we will just look forward to it with a lot of anticipation. Can I just say that today is a really special day because it’s Jong Hun’s birthday. Have you guys planned anything special for him?
Hong Ki: Actually, there is something Jong Hun had prepared for us in return but I can’t really say that we like it that much.
MC: We are really happy to have FT Island here with us today. The energy is pretty high right now. For our media, do you have any questions for FT Island?
Media: Hi, this is a follow up question. Just now he mentioned one of the toughest parts is stereotyping so could Hong Ki just explain what he means?
Hong Ki: Because we had our debut at a very young age, many people had thoughts like “even though you are really good in instruments, but is that all you’ve got? How long can you last in this industry?”. All these stereotypes and doubts they had on us are challenging and it was a little sudden.
MC: But what is important is that after 6 years, they eventually overcome the stereotypes and they are on stage right now as a really really successful band and I think that is what really matters.
Media: Hi, happy birthday to Jong Hun. We know that he has been working out so tomorrow, at the concert, will you be showing your fans any part of your body?
Jong Hun: Yes, I’ve been working out but I can’t really say that I’m ready at the moment so I’ll probably not reveal myself even though it’s my birthday.
MC: Can we have one more question?
Media: Jae Jin you sang the song “Into My Heart” for the drama “Bride of the Century” which Hong Ki starred in. Have you watched the show and how would you recount to that?
Jae Jin: (claps hand) Because I sang the OST, when I first watched the drama and heard my singing, I was definitely fascinated and I did follow up all the drama series. At the first two episodes, I feel that Hong Ki’s acting was a little awkward because he had been some time since he acted. But from the third episode onwards, he was better. I didn’t really see much of his chic side he had in his daily life. I think he managed to get into the role.
Hong Ki: I just want to mention that those around me may think that the way I act shows a different side of me but for somebody who just knew me, I think that it (the acting) is pretty natural. HAHAHAH
MC: I’m sure you are very natural. Before our press conference comes to an end, can I have each and every one of you to say something to your fans in Singapore after not seeing them for so long?
Seung Hyun: It has been 2 years and we love coming to Singapore not just because of the fans but the country itself is so lovely and we enjoy coming here. It feels like we are on a holiday so I think we really enjoy this trip and at the same time we hope that we will be able to have a good show tomorrow and everyone can enjoy themselves.
MC: Thank you so much. Can we have the rest to say something as well?
Jae Jin: Min Hwan, Min Hwan, Hey Min Hwan. I haven’t been in Singapore for the past 2 years because of a programme. It was good to see all my fans asking “when will FT Island have their concert again in Singapore? “ I know that they are anticipating us to return to Singapore. So I hope tomorrow would be a good show for everybody
Min Hwan: I hope that it would be a good show tomorrow. To those female fans that are going to wear heels to the concert, it will be a bit difficult so we encourage you to wear sneakers when you’re coming to the concert and enjoy our music.
Hong Ki: Tomorrow you don’t need to bring the flags, just bring yourself and the towels that we had. And also, yes, wear sneakers and drink lots of water. Your legs and arms are going to be very tired so get ready for it and go crazy and enjoy.
Jong Hun: Today is a very happy day. We are very happy to be here in Singapore and I hope we can have a great day tomorrow.

And the conference ended with a photo time before the boys head off for their Hi-touch event with ticket-holders at Square 2. The conference was one of the best I’ve ever attended, even though it was a-bit short. But it started almost on time and there were drinks and some food for the media. I can’t wait to see the boys in Singapore again! Kpress Singapore would like to thank ONE PRODUCTION for the invite.

To view the photos of the event, click the link below:

Coverage and Photographs by: Joey
Transcript by: Sandra

[COVERAGE] Race Start Press Conference

Running Man, the well-known South Korea variety show is finally here in Singapore to hold their fanmeet! Even  with only 5/7 of the cast, the members managed to get the attentions of their fans in Singapore which showed support by grabbing all 3100 tickets within hours upon release!

Brought to you by ONETVASIA and Wastons, the event ” Wastons Race Start! in Singapore” is the first official time the cast appear in Singapore as Running Man members. ONE welcomes 5 of the 7 members in Running man including JiSukJin, HAHA (Ha Dong Hoon), KimJongKook, Gary (Kang Hee Gun) and SongJiHyo. Sponsored by Jurong Point, My Beauty Diary, OWL coffee and Allswell, local fans will be able to provide SongJiHyo with   wonderful memories as Singapore will be her first leg in ‘Race Start Fanmeeting Asia tour 2013’!

It was Sukjin’s first time here in Singapore and he was surprised at how Running Man was very popular in Singapore. HAHA was just in Singapore 2 months ago and this is his second time in Singapore he stated:

 HAHA : Hi Singapore! I love Singapore. Singapore’s food, chilli crab, awesome! Awesome yeah, very good!
When asked by the MC if he would recommend to the other members to visit Singapore, he told us that Jongkook has visit Singapore 3 times including this trip! Joogkook commented (in English!):
KJK : Yes this is my 3rd time coming to Singapore. Singapore is very famous for their trees. And the streets are very clean and the people here are very nice. And I like the trees in Singapore a lot.
When asked about the first impression of Singapore , Jihyo thanked local fans for the warm welcome. She thinks that Singapore is a very beautiful city and she is very glad to be here and she hopes that she can provide fans with good memories as well as for her too.
Gary is also very glad to be here in Singapore. This is his 2nd day here now (he came a day before the members arrive) . He think Singapore is a beautiful country and city and he also had Singapore’s chilli crab last night while touring around Singapore and it was really delicious.
Running man is Gary’s first presence in a variety show and he is definitely very honoured to meet awesome people in the show. He had a lot of fun and he is always glad to be a member of Running Man. He is always happy to work with them. Jihyo expressed that It’s definitely different being the only girl but she don’t think the other members really see her as a female so there is not much advantage of being the only female cast in the show. JongKook joked that Jihyo is not a woman and she’s stronger than the male casts sometimes. (HAHA- She’s a Superwoman!)
[Following are some questions asked by the media and their answers]
Recently Gary have given Jihyo a peck on the cheek one of the episode. This is one of the most daring move on the show. So how does Jihyo feel about it? And why is Gary so courageous nowadays?
Gary : To make it simple, I think at that particular moment I was a little bit crazy.
MC : So how does SJH feel about it?
HAHA : Gary told her to say that it was hot
SJH : I guess it was good for me.
If each member of Running Man has got their own capabilities and if each of you could chose one member and take away the particular power of the member, who will you chose and what capabilities would you chose to take away from him/her?
HAHA : Sukjin’s old age, KJK’s strength and Monday couple’s loveliness
In recent episodes, there are less of the nametag game. Is there any reason why?
Gary : We have segments of nametag games but recently we been trying a lot of new things in our show. We want to improve our segment of nametag game in a more fun and engaging exciting manner. So, we been doing a lot of new things and we hope that you guys will enjoy it like whatever we are trying on the show.
Jongkook have had past injuries during rm. I know that some of the games are quite tough. So is there any other specific injuries in the past?
KJK : Yeah, honestly we do get hurt sometimes because a lot of the games are very exciting and all. So, we get injuries a lot of the times but it is not that hard and not that serious so don’t worry.
If they could redesign a game in Running Man, what kind of game will they want to play?
HAHA : Of course we do work closely together with the production team quite often to discuss what kind of game we should play on the show and we are definitely working into these for new ideas and so I hope you guys will look forward for more exciting stuffs in the future and definitely we are open to challenges.
Running Man is very popular not only in Singapore but in also other Asian countries. As such the fans have been following Running Man’s famous fashion so how does it feel like to be a trendsetter for the fans?
HAHA + Gary : It is definitely been a great honour and it feel great to have so many fans following on our trends and our fashion. Thank you so much for copying us I feel great. Not only myself but also to Gary and Jihyo and everyone in the RM family. We try to make things as interesting as fashion goes. Probably the most fashionable thing in the show would be the nametag and we went to the club and we also heard that one of the person in the club was seen with a nametag of a RM cast. It is very interesting to see and also many girls following Jihyo’s hats that she wears on show.
If you could create an opponent team(idol) to go against the RM team who would you chose and why?
Gary : Recently Shinhwa, the first generation idol in Korea, when they appear on the show we didn’t manage to win any challenges so we wish to have them back in our show to have another competition with them. That will be very interesting.
HAHA : What is the hottest Singaporean idol group here?
MC : Running man!
Last greetings :
Gary : Thank you so much for coming today. I will see you guys tomorrow. I hope we can have fun just like friends in a close environment just as tight as friends are. Thank you for all your love and support for RM and we will definitely be better and we definitely appreciate your continuing support for rm.
SJH : Thank you so much for coming and thank you all for your warm welcome. I am so happy to be here. We prepared a lot of tomorrow show so I hope you guys enjoy as much as we put a lot of effort into the show and I hope the next time I am here in Singapore I hope it will be as beautiful and great place like what I will always remember it to be.
KJK : First of all I am very happy to be here again with my members. I always have good memories of Singapore and also tomorrow show, I hope you all will enjoy. Thank you.
HAHA : Me too. I love u Singapore. Thank you so much for coming down and I will definitely have lots of fun with everyone of you tomorrow. So do look out and have lots and lots of fun tomorrow. Thank you I will never forget Singapore.
Sukjin : Thank you so much for coming down today. I really appreciate you guys here. It is my first visit here and I always wanted to be here and I am so glad I am here. I hope you all will have lots of fun tomorrow and I notice Singapore flyer I hope there will be one day where we can film running man here in Singapore with the background of Singapore flyer. Hope to see you soon.
And this marks the end of the Press Conference which makes us more excited for the fanmeeting the following day! Thanks to ONETVASIA for organising this press conference and holding this event as well as Dean for the invite!
Pictures link will be up soon, do like our facebook page! ^^
Photos: Joey
Written by: Joey
Transcript by: Steffi

[COVERAGE] Preview-Song Joong Ki 1st Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore 2012 “Thrill and Love” Open Press Confrence at Sqaure 2

Korean Actor,Song Joong Ki is here in Singapore for his 1st Asia Tour Fan Meeting named “Trill and Love”. Proudly brought to you by Sidus HQ and Boom Korea,Singapore is his second stop for this Asia Tour Fan Meet. He has held an opened press conference in a local shopping mall,Square 2 and has attracted his fans in Singapore.


Full gallery coming right up! ^^