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On Tuesday, 22nd of November, two main cast of tvN’s mega drama, Entourage, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Hwi had a press conference with media from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at RWS Singapore.

They shared their favourite memories about filming the drama, and travelling around Korea was Seo Kang Joon’s favourite moment. The drama was filmed not only in Seoul, thus it required the actors to travel around places for filming. The casts will also play games with punishments, and Lee Dong Hwi lost in a game when they were in Busan and he had to stand in the pouring rain for 5 minutes. In the end, the poor actor caught a cold. The MC commented that fans are going to be all ready and shelter him from the rain next time, come on fans ;).


Entourage is a Korean re-make of the popular US drama series of the same title, starring Seo Kang-joon, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jung-min and Lee Dong-hwi. The drama surrounds the “bromance” among young popular actor, Cha Young-bin (Seo Kang-Joon) and his childhood best buddies Lee Ho-jin (Park Jung-Min), Cha Joon (Lee Kwang-Soo) and “Turtle” Geobook (Lee Dong-hwi), as well as the interesting encounter with Kim Eun-gab (Cho Jin-woong), CEO of Cha Young-bin’s management agency. (Text from tvN Asia) 

However, both actors cleared that they are the total opposites of their characters in the drama and in real life. The role Seo Kang Joon takes on in the drama is a top star in Korea, which is what he wants to become, lives a extravagant life that he wonders if its the way how Korean top star live. He always stay at home to play with his cat, or invites his friends over for beer or walk along Han River alone. Unlike his character in the drama, where Cha Young Bin goes to a lot of hot places to hang out with his friends. The only similarity he has with Young Bin is that he will suit his friends’ desire and do what they want.


As for Lee Dong Hwi, he is also the type of person which likes to stay at home to play his playstation. Unlike his character which likes to go out a lot and is very dependent on his friends for everything as he doesn’t earn money, he is a very independent person who will like to solve his own problems without relying on his friends. Both of them are actually total opposites of their character where in real life they love to stay at home.

Dong Hwi also commented that acting is not easy for him, as every single second in his acting career is a challenge for him. He is always worrying about what role he should take on next. He gave his best in his role of being a good friend of Young Bin and he hope that it is being delivered to the viewers through the show.


Seo Kang Jun wanted to show a different image from his role Baek In Ho in his previous drama, Cheese in the Trap, he too, was also worrying about the type of roles he choose to take on for his future plans. Baek In Ho is a young man in his 20’s so he is a simple guy chasing after his dreams with a sad story, while in Entourage he is playing as a growing celebrity in the entertainment industry. Thus it is two very different characters for him.

In Reply 1998, Lee Dong Hwi was portraying as a lonely guy with no friends and he has to strive for everything alone. While in Entourage, he has a famous celebrity friend thus the lifestyle is very different. In Entourage, he plays a witty character but which is actually a total opposite of what he is in real life.

On why viewers should watch this drama, Seo Kang Joon commented that it conveys the happiness of the entertainment industry and it about love and friendship. Lee Dong Hwi also added on that if anyone is curious about the Korean entertainment industry, they should watch the drama. It also shows how the main cast mature through the industry.


Premiere expressly on tvN on 7 November,

Every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:15 pm

Singtel TV 518 (HD) / 619 (HD); StarHub TV 824 (HD).

View photos from the Press Conference here:



Kpress would like to thank tvN for the invitation!

Coverage & Transcript by: Joey

Photos by: Clarabelle

[COVERAGE] Lee Jong Suk Variety in Singapore Press Conference

For the first time, Lee Jong Suk is here in Singapore to meet his fans through his Variety fan meet! With regards to this, he is very thankful for his fans who has waited for him to come Singapore for such a long time. Jong Suk too has also been waiting for this chance to meet his Singaporean fans and he is looking forward to in meeting them.


The Fan Meeting tour around Asia gave the actor an opportunity to travel as well as to meet his Asian fans. He also hope to include more countries that are not scheduled in his fan meet soon.

Jong Suk also expressed his preference for the weather in Singapore now as compared to the Winter that Korea is experiencing now. As much as he wants to extend his stay in Singapore, his busy schedule did not allow him to get his wish. (/cues sad face)



However, even though he prefers the weather in Singapore, he actually is someone who sweats easily. So the most memorable times when filming the W drama, was shooting in the very hot Summer period.


His manager recommend Chilli Crab to him thus he wanted to try the famous dish, just like all other Koreans who came to Singapore. And to where he suggested tourists to visit in Korea are Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Sinsa-dong and Garosu-gil.


With regards to his fair and good skin, Jong Suk revealed that he did not have any special skincare routine but he just tends to avoid the sun. So girls, time for more sunblock!




Even though Christmas is coming, the busy actor who is currently filming a movie where he plays the villain for the first time, has no special plans. Being a guy who will enjoy his day as it goes, so he has no plans for the upcoming new year. But just to see if there’s any opportunities comes along as times goes by for his work.

To view more photos from the press conference head to : Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting Press Conference Photos


Kpress Singapore would like to thank IME Singapore for the invitation

Text and Photos by: Joey

Transcript by: Sandra


[COVERAGE] tvN’s Go Go with Mr Paik Featuring Onew & Chaeyeon Media Interview




tvN’s brand new show, with Korean Celebrity Chef Paik Jong Won –  Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore (白老师放煮假新加坡篇) starring Chef Paik, SHINee’s Onew and DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon had their media interview on the 2nd of November, when they were in Singapore to film their show. The trio had went around Singapore to experience the local markets and also to whip up some Singaporean dishes. Chef Paik also whipped up some special dishes for the upcoming Chirstmas for Onew, Chae Yeon and some special guests.


In terms of what type of Singapore cooking style of crabs, Onew prefers the pepper crab while Chaeyeon likes the chilli crab. Chef Paik feels that there are many people who can cook well, so he decided to give confidence to those beginners whom are still learning to cook, thus he position himself as someone who cooks simple dishes.


Between Onew and Chaeyeon, Chef picked Onew as a potential good cook as he is talented in food tasting and is able to express the food taste very well. Despite the difference in the ingredients (spices), both Onew and Chef Paik feels that there is no big difference in Singaporean and Korean dishes. The staples are rice, noodles and fried food. Onew even pick up skills on how to cook his own dishes according to his taste from Chef Paik.


On who to bring along in their groups for a food trip together, Onew picked Taemin as he eats really well & Chaeyeon picked Yebin as she is close to her.  Being the second time that they have filmed together, Chaeyeon didn’t feel any awkwardness with Onew as he is very nice and freindly despite being the sunbae. Chef Paik agrees on that Onew is very humorous and he knows how to entertain everyone. If we communicate with him in Korean, you will understand how funny he is.



View photos of the media interview here: tvN Go Go With Mr. Paik Media Interview feat Onew & Chaeyeon Photo Set

GO GO WITH MR. PAIK in Singapore

Airing on tvN

Mondays, 19 Dec and 26 Dec @ 10.30pm

Singtel TV 518 (HD) / Channel 619 (HD) and StarHub TV Channel 824 (HD)

Kpress Singapore would like to thank tvN for the invite to this media interview.

Photos and text by: Joey

Transcript by: Brenda

[COVERAGE] GOT7 Fan Meeting in Singapore

IMG_5852 The members of GOT7 are back in Singapore for the second time this year! JB, Jr., BamBam, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom are grouped together to start the New Generation Idols. With distinct novel music and martial art tricking performances, they are ready to take your breath away.


GOT7 started with ‘Stop Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’, which had fans up on their feet even though the fan meeting had just started.


The boys had some introductions before playing ‘act-it-out’ charades where both teams of members and lucky fans didn’t get the answer. The winner was then decided through screams and cheers. JB, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom team won despite BamBam from the other team taking off his jacket. /cue screams


Hit songs ‘Just Right’ & ‘If You Do’ were up next, heating up the venue. Another game was played with fans, with the classical Musical Chairs we all played when we were younger (or with your idols).

‘Confession Song’ was used by the members to confess to Singapore that they love Her.


A mini dance battle broke out between Yugyeom and Youngjae when the question “Who is the best dancer in GOT7” was asked. A fan-made video was played, showing the journey that GOT7 had from pre-debut period up till now. They were shocked when they saw a banner project prepared which wrote “Stay with us until the end”. In which BamBam replied, “We GOT7 will always stay with you.”


With ‘Magnetic’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘A’, the boys successfully ended their fan meeting and promised fans that they will be back in Singapore again in 2016. We hope that these energetic boys will be back in Singapore for a show (or two) in the upcoming year!

Kpress Singapore would like to thank the organisers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to the GOT7 Fan meet, as well as the 3 other fan-meeting for SGKSTAR 2015. It was a fun and Kpop-filled weekend!

View Photos here: GOT7 Fan Meeting Photoset

Coverage and Photos by: Joey

[COVERAGE] Day 6 Fan-meeting in Singapore


JYP’s First boy band, Day 6 has visited Singapore for the first time during the SGKstar Festival! The band just celebrated their 100 days of debut, ever since their 1st mini album, ‘The Day’ was released. Made up of Sungjin, Jae, Jun Hyeok, Young K, Won Pil & Do Woon, the 6 members are equipped with unique vocal talent as well as writing and composing skills.


The band started their show with ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘Habits’ before proceeding for a game with their fans. The game requires the fans to be blindfolded and guess which member is standing behind them through their voices. Sneaky members even cover their voices through different tones!


Continuing with their songs, ‘You’, ‘Like That Sun’ & ‘Colors’ were presented to the audience. Charades were also played, where fans and members are spilt into two different teams, and they had to guess the word through drawings. It was also a game to test the member’s drawing skills!


The boys also covered Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and One Republic’s ‘Stop & Stare’, adding their own colors into the songs. They wrapped up their fan meeting with their hit song, ‘Congratulations’ where it had everybody singing the chorus along with them. A special video put up by fans was also showed on the stage where the members ‘fake cry’ after watching it.


Of course, the members knew that the last song of the fan-meeting is not really the last song, thus they covered some of Bruno Mars’ songs and sang ‘Freely’ for their encore stage.


Members also expressed their thoughts for their first ever fan-meeting here in Singapore.

Wonpil: “This is the first time that we are in Singapore, and I am very happy that I am able to share this love with all of you tonight. I will work hard to repay the love that you have shown to us.”

Young K: “Thank you so much for welcoming us and the birthday wish that you gave. Actually, my parents are here to watch me, and this is my dad’s first time watching me perform. Thank you Singapore, I love you guys so much, we love you!”

DoWoon: “JYP Family and Day6, I love you. I love you all Singapore!”

JunHyeok: “Sorry I don’t speak English very well, so I will speak in Korean. This is my first time in Singapore and I am very happy to perform here. The love and support given to us here is something that I can’t even imagine. Today is also my mum’s birthday, so I am going to work very hard to invite her to my shows. I love my fans as much as I love my mum.”

Jae: “You guys make me feel so smart because you can understand English, people think that I am crazy when I say this is crazy in Korea. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did with us.”

SungJin: “I am so honoured to have a fan meeting here in Singapore. I appreciate the love and support, we will do our best so keep supporting us!”

Certainly, fans will continue to support this unique band and I bet they can’t wait for DAY6 to be back in Singapore again! We would like to thank Three Angles Production for the invite!

View DAY6 photos here: DAY6 Fan-Meeting in Singapore Photoset

Photos by: Joey & Brenda

Written by: Joey

[COVERAGE] Kang Ha Neul 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore


A joint effort by KMTV Asia and Korean Tourism Organization, Actor Kang Ha Neul was in Singapore to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Singapore and Korea. His movie, “Twenty” is also featured in the Korean Film Festival, which was held from the 23rd October to 1st November.

Ha Neul greeted his fans on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Plaza Sing, where fans crowd around the stage as well as other other floors just to catch him in action! There was also a game section, where 5 lucky fans/winners came up to the stage to let the actor guess what songs are they listening to.


The first song was Candy, which he guessed correctly but said that the song was from Sechkies. After a bunch of laughter from the crowd, he changed to H.O.T and laughed with regards to his mistake too. Well, he tried his best in guessing not what the song the winners were listening to but in guessing the song titles given by the crowd to him. Once he gotten he hint, he will ‘try’ his best to give the answer by faking that he was unsure about the song, which was really funny and led to some laughters.

Not forgetting his fans on the other levels, Ha Neul was seen throwing finger hearts and random smiles to them. And also, his V-sign, whenever he pose for a photo and he feels awkward without his V-sign.


There is also a section where he answered some questions from the media where he will answer each question diligently, and then ending of with “I’m done”. For example, when asked whom he would like to work with again among those whom he had acted with throughout his career, he choose his movie “Twenty” co-stars, “Kim Woo Bin and 2PM’s Junho… I’m done” drawing laughters from the audience.


He added that they have became closer thanks to the movie and would like to work with his close friends again. He also wished that everyone will enjoy his movie, “Twenty” which is featured in the top 10 Korean films in the Korean Film Festival (KFF).

The actor also sang songs from dramas which he had acted in namely ‘The Three Things I Have Left‘ and ‘I Will Love You‘, from Angel Eyes and Monsta respectively. He ended off the fan meeting with an attempt in taking a group photo with the help of the best group selfie partnership, Selfie stick + fish eye lenses.


After the fan meeting, fans took a group photo with the actor at Shaw Lido Theatres, where some even scored hugs, selfies, and handshakes! The actor was such a kind person which produced more fan-service other than the basic group photo taking.


Much thanks KMTV Asia and KTO for the invitation!

Text and Photos by: Joey

[COVERAGE] BEAST Ordinary Fan meet 2015 in Singapore


Yey! BEAST is finally back in Singapore after 3 years and this time is for a closer time with their fans through a fan meet! The concert started with a VCR which started the night with screams from their fans, B2uties.


Followed by their recent hits, Yey and Good luck, it brought fans up to their feet to groove along with the boys. Absolutely not ordinary, BEAST managed to capture the fans hearts with their amazing live and dance moves. They introduced themselves and expressed how much they have missed performing in Singapore. Fun Fact: They actually visited Singapore quite often before the 3 years hiatus in our sunny island!


They also performed their other songs, 12:30, Beautiful Night, Shadow, Fiction, On Rainy Days, etc for their audience that night. And I have to say, Yoseob’s high notes were amazing.


There was also a Singapore quiz section, where the members had to guess the correct answers. The first question was regards to our national flower, where the Vanda Miss Joaquim was actually not in any of the choices! Fans actually hinted the members and they got it and protested to the MCs, cutely of course. After some questions, Doojoon got the least amount of questions correctly and was punished to receive finger flicks from all of the other members. Through that, other than Hyunseung, the rest took their chances in punishing their leader. Of course, we can see how close they were through the game coming from the group who has been together for 6 years!

IMG_0440 IMG_1355

The other game they played was “Guess the Song” with chosen fans and it was hilarious. The songs played were songs sung by Singaporeans, and there were overseas fans within the chosen fans. Which made Doojoon go “She is Hongkong!” as his partner was from Hongkong and did not know any songs sung by Singapore artists. Dongwoon was also distracting all his other members by singing “Let it go”! (tsk.) In the end, Junhyung won and his partner won a solo photo opportunity with him, photobomb-ed by the other members.

IMG_0988 IMG_0955

The night ended with their ‘Encore’ (their song and encore section) and promised fans to come back to Singapore again real soon!


For more photos, please head to our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1012481832135558.1073741850.253229304727485&type=1&l=999b45cf22

Kpress would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to cover this amazing concert!