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[SHOW] tvN’s GO GO WITH MR. PAIK with Paik Jong Won, Onew & Jung Chae Yeon





Singapore (2 November 2016) – tvN’s brand new variety programme – Korean celebrity Chef Paik Jong-won’s global Cook-topia – Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore (白老师放煮假新加坡篇), starring Chef Paik, Onew from SHINee and Jung Chae-yeon from DIA, will premiere in Asia-Pacific on 19 December (Monday) at 10:30pm (GMT+8). This marks the first reunion of Chef Paik, Onew and Jung Chae-yeon after the three of them spent an amazing “family” time in Kudat back in August this year.

Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore is the finale of the three-part programme, Go Go With Mr. Paik, which is produced jointly by tvN Korea and tvN Asia. Singapore is chosen as one of the filming locations for the programme as the country is well known as a food haven offering diverse and distinct cuisine to suit every palate.

Through the programme, viewers will be able to discover the richness of Singapore’s gastronomic culture which is influenced by its strong multicultural heritage, as well as innovative concepts which reflect contemporary Singapore.

In Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore, viewers will also get an authentic visual experience of Singapore home cooking as Chef Paik, Onew and Jung Chae-yeon explore the local markets in Little India and Chinatown for ingredients to whip up some local delicacies, such as kaya toast,laksa, bak ku teh and chicken rice. In view of the approaching Christmas, Chef Paik will reveal his special party menus for his beloved “nephew” Onew, “niece” Jung Chae-yeon, and some “special guests”. The trio will also spend some “play time” at Singapore’s top attractions in Sentosa where their Manor is located – experiencing thriller rides in Universal Studio Singapore and immersing themselves in the magical waterworld at the impressive S.E.A. Aquarium. To preserve the tradition of the programme, the uncle-nephew-niece trio once again enjoy a “eat, sleep, eat” (먹고자고먹고) vacation.

In Go Go With Mr. Paik, Chef Paik travels to various cities in Southeast Asia with one male idol and one female idol, making use of local ingredients to create Southeast Asian cuisines. The first stop took place in Kudat, Malaysia, starring Chef Paik, Onew and Jung Chae-yeon (aired on 23 September). The second stop takes place in Krabi, Thailand, starring Chef Paik, Lee Seung-hoon from WINNER and Gong Seung-yeon, which will be aired on 28 November (Monday) at 10:30pm (GMT+8). The 2016 Finale of Chef Paik Jong-won’s overseas project – Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and will premiere in Asia-Pacific on 19 December (Monday) at 10:30pm (GMT+8).

tvN is available in 10 Asia-Pacific countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia, with subtitles in English, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia. tvN, where fun takes off!

Programme Sponsors:


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation

Venue Sponsor:

Capella Hotel Singapore

Supporting Organisation:

Singapore Tourism Board

GO GO WITH MR. PAIK in Singapore

Airing on tvN

Mondays, 19 Dec and 26 Dec @ 10.30pm

Singtel TV 518 (HD) / Channel 619 (HD) and StarHub TV Channel 824 (HD)

List of K-Varieties to watch 2016 (KOREAN VARIETY SHOWS)

Its time for the yearly round up of top Korean Variety shows! In this list, I will list the shows that are still airing, or is being aired in the year of 2016! Text mostly from Wikipedia, here comes the list!

  1. Running Man

Image result for running man

The well-known K-Variety will be undergoing some major change as recent news confirmed that member Kang Gary, will be leaving the show after 6 years! Despite the casts and crew’s persuasion, he decided to leave the show to focus on his music and wants to study it more. His last filming date will be on the 31 Oct, and the show will be finding a replacement for Gary. We wish Gary and Running Man the best of luck!

 Ratings: 7/10

2. Superman Returns

Image result for superman returns 2016 cast korean

I guess nobody can get enough of the cuteness of the kids on Superman returns, especially Daebak-ie. In the recent episodes there is a new segment which is shared by 3 dads, Oh Ji-ho, Yang Dong-geun and In Gyo-jin as they start OGG, a segment where 3 of them bring their babies together and spend 2d1n without their moms.

Rating: 8.5/10


3. Unnie’s Slam Dunk

Image result for unnies slam dunk

Sister’s Slam Dunk (언니들의 슬램덩크) is a South Korean reality show that airs every Friday on KBS 2TV starting from April 8, 2016. The show features an all-female cast consisting of Ra Mi-ran, Kim Sook, Hong Jin-kyung, Min Hyo-rin, Jessi and Tiffany, and follows their attempt at fulfilling each cast member’s dream using a budget of 2,196,000 won or approximately $2000. The cast members formed a special girl group named “Unnies” and released a Park Jin-young-produced single titled “Shut Up”, featuring Yoo Hee-yeol, in July 2016.

(Text from Wikipedia)

Rating: 7/10

4. Star Show 360

Image result for starshow 360

Star Show 360 is a South Korean variety show, which airs Monday at 11:10 PM KST on MBC Every1. The show is hosted by Leeteuk and Tak Jae Hoon. Join the host in uncovering different groups of guest every week! As on now, EXO, VIXX, IOI, Seventeen and SISTAR’s episodes have been aired and the next episode will star Apink.

Ratings: 8/10

5. Hit The Stage


Image result for hit the stage

Hit the Stage is an Mnet television program in which K-pop idols team up with professional dance teams to compete in a dance survival contest. It premiered on July 27, 2016 and airs every Wednesday on Mnet and tvN at 11pm KST. The live competition is hosted by entertainers Jun Hyun-moo and Lee Soo-geun. Stars such as SHINee Taemin, SISTAR Bora, SNSD Hyoyeon, MONSTAX Shownu, NCT Ten, INFINITE Hoya, Block B Ukwon, BigStar Feel Dog, Jang Hyunseung, ASTRO Rocky, Myname Seyong, GOT7 Yugeom, TEENTOP Changjo,Up10tion Bit-to, TWICE Momo, I.O.I Chungha, Stephanie, Nicole, Lovelyz Mijoo, Miss A Min and DIA Eunjin & Chaeyeon.

Ratings: 9/10 

6. Produce 101

I.O.I Seongnam Park 160616 (1).png

Produce 101 (Hangul프로듀스 101, stylized as PRODUCE 101) is a 2016 reality girl group survival show on Mnet. It is a large-scale project in which the public “produces” a unit girl group by choosing members from a pool of 101 trainees from 46 entertainment companies as well as the group’s concept, debut song, and group name. The show has the second-largest budget of all shows produced by Mnet at about four billion won (approximately $3.4 million). The 11 winners, Na-young, Yeon-jung, Mi-na, Jieqiong, Chae-yeon, So-mi, Se-jeong, Chung-ha, Yoo-jung, So-hye, Do-yeon formed I.O.I and the girls just got the first ever 11 members win with their new song, Very Very Very!

Rating: 8/10 

Other shows, like Code, Weekly Idol, Infinity Challenge, Laws of Jungle are some great shows to watch too!


It has been around 10 months since I’ve made the list of K-varieties to watch for 2014. Hence, it is time for a new list, biased in April 2015! Please do read the first part  before reading this! Once again, The shows that I’ll be listing are currently running on the Korean TV channels.  The information of the shows are mostly from Wikipedia, while I’ll add on my own comments/opinions and ratings of the show.

1. Running Man

I believe this show has to be on this list no matter what, because it is so well known, even if you’re not a fan of Kpop. And even though it is not as interesting as compared to the past, when the show is still new, it is still a show that I will watch every week once the episode is being subbed. The most recent episode stars FTIsland Hongki, CNBlue Yonghwa and Jung II Woo gets a little more interesting as the games are suggested by fans from around the world. And the first game was from a Singaporean fan, with the well-known, “What time is it Mr. Big bad wolf”. The episode ends with the legendary Name-tag tearing game which was missed by the global fans.

Rating: 8/10

2. Real Man

Real Man had undergone a total change in their casts, which was quite a pity because I was looking forward to Henry. From the initial, Seo Kyug Suk, Kim Soo Ro, Sam Hammington, Park Hyung sik, Park Gun Hyung,Chun Jung Myung, K.Will, and Henry, the casts have been changed to: Im Won-hee, Kim Young-chul, Sam Kim, Kim Seung-hyun, Lee Kyu-han, Jung Gyu-woon, Kangin, Sleepy, Sam Okyere, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jo Dong-hyuk & HighTop. Unlike Season 1 where the guys are all in different batches, Season 2 gathers all of the current casts except for Donghyuk and Hightop to enter the military in the same batch. There was also the female special, season 1 and season 2, where the female artistes go through the same treatment as the male casts. I personally think that season 1 was more interesting than the second season.

Rating: 7/10

3. Superman is Back

This show is getting hotter and hotter due to the kids’ cuteness, growth, everything. The twins and triplets are the ones who set the Noona’s giggling and coo-ing at their cuteness, be it the citizens who’ve met them or the viewers watching them from miles away. Sarang is no longer cute but she’s getting prettier as the episodes goes by. The newest member of the show is Uhm Ji-on, daughter of Uhm Tae Woong, making Ji On the new mankae of the show after the twins. This show is a must-watch for me every week too.

Rating 9.5/10

4. Dancing 9 

Yay, dancing 9 is back! Having won a season each, Red Wings and Blue Eye are back for a final match which will determine the final winner for the whole Dancing 9 show. In this season, instead of finding new dancers from the public, they are finding their past dancers in each team from the past two seasons. And including the MVP of each team, there is also another member added. So technically, there are 11 dancers per team. In this season, the losers of the first round will have 2 members eliminated, making the next round 11:9 dancers. The team who wins 4 rounds out of 7 will be the final winner. I think this will be the most exciting season of all, since only the best of the best makes it into this season. Even though not all of my favorite dancers are inside, but most of them are and the dancers are really very strong. Unlike the past seasons, I still cannot make my decision on which team I would like them to win. I like Red Wings’ masters but I personally like Blue Eye dancer more.

Rating: 9/10

5. Crime Scene

Crime Scene (Hangul: 크라임씬) is a South Korean variety program with Hong Jin-ho, Park Ji-yoon, NS Yoon-G, Jun Hyun-moo, Lim Bang-geul, and Kang Yong-suk as the hosts for its first season. The second episode has hosts of Jang Jin, Jang Dong-min, Hani,Hong Jin-ho, and Park Ji-yoon. At the start of the game, the players (both recurring cast members and guests) are introduced to the “Crime Scene”, which is a mockup of a murder scene replicated on a stage area, and are tasked with figuring out who the murderer is. Upon discovering the crime scene, the players are given the “case briefing”, which includes a summary of events that occurred before the murder and a list of the possible suspects. Immediately afterwards, each player chooses a suspect to roleplay as for the remainder of the game. The players are then given more detailed information about the suspect they are respectively portraying, including the suspect’s personality, whereabouts during the crime, relationship to the other suspects, and (in the case of the murderer) evidence that can be used against them.

After the Final Criminal Vote, the player who receives the most votes is “arrested” and locked in a makeshift prison, and the players who voted for that person are revealed. If the arrested player is the criminal, everyone who voted for that player receives a bag of gold coins. However, if the arrested player is not the criminal, the actual criminal wins all of the gold coins that the other players would have won. This show is also a interactive show, where viewers can cast their votes on which host/guest is the suspect. This show requires some logic and IQ, if not some plot for the crime scene.

Rating: 9/10

6. A Style for You

Following “A Song for You”, “A Style for You” is hosted by HeeChul, Hara, Bora and Hani which is a fashion related show. The hosts/guests on the show will offer viewers beauty know-how and also take them through seasonal trends, and also offer style advice and highlight key fashion and beauty must-haves. For those who are interested in K-fashion, or simply Hani’s Make up, do watch this show! (PS. I’ll never understand Heechul’s fashion style)

Rating: 6.5/10

7. Fluttering India

Where the casts Kyuhyun, Minho, Sunggyu, Jonghyun (CNBlue) and Suho heads to India, where all of them has not been there before even though they’re Kpop idols. Even Kyuhyun, and thus he confirmed that the rest has not headed to India in the first episode. (His logic.)

The program, produced by Lee Ye Ji of the “Hello Counselor” fame for KBS 2TV, revolves around the cast members’ interactions with the people in India and the challenges faced by them, such as language barriers.

“It’s a program that was planned as a series. But it was so hard to coordinate the members’ schedules. As they say, it’s hard to even catch a meal with each other and it’s the dream of the ‘Fluttering’ series that these same members would stay on,” the producer said, according to Soompi.

Rating: 6/10

Again, there are much more variety shows, 2D1N, Weekly Idol, Infinity Challenge, etc. The above listed are the shows that I watch frequently and are still running.

[FASHION] 2015 Seoul Fashion Week to begin on March 20

2015 Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) is to be held from March 20 to 25 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). The fashion event, starring a series of top Korean designer’s fashion shows, is a bi-annual event held in March and October. In this upcoming 2015 SFW, over 70 talented designers including Lee Sang-bong, Han Sang-hyuk and Choi Bo-ko will put on a great show at ‘Seoul Collection’ and ‘Next Generation’ fashion events.

Also, over 50 top Korean fashion brands will participate in the ‘Seoul Fashion Fair’ during the fashion week showcasing ladies wear, menswear and fashion accessories.

Please refer to its official website for more detailed information.

More info

<2015 Seoul Fashion Week>

☞ Venue: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
☞ Address: 2-1, Euljiro 7-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
☞ Direciton: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4 ,5), Exit 1.
– Walk 60 m straight and turn right.
– Continue walking 73m.
☞ Website: (Korean, English)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week Secretariat; Visit Korea

List of K-Varieties (Korean Variety Shows) to watch-2014

Korean Variety Shows, known as K-varieties are getting more and more interesting as the K-pop industry rises.

I’ve always prefer K-varieties to K-dramas, because they’re more of comedy, and not the soapy romantic dramas. And usually, there are some special guests which they will appear for the whole episode. While guests appear on dramas for cameos for a few seconds.  Well, you get the point. I’ll list down the K-varieties that I recommend you to watch as of July-Aug 2014. The shows that I’ll be listing are currently running, so there are still running on the Korean channels.  The information are mostly from Wikipedia, while I’ll add on my own comments/ opinions and ratings of the show.

1. Running Man

Running Man Cast

I believe many has heard of this show, be it K-pop fans or not. I’ve been watching the show every week since its 10th episode. The 7 casts as of now are: Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo, Gary & Ji Suk Jin. Song Joong Ki and Lizzy were also a part of the Running Man Cast but they left due to their schedules. The show also invites singers, actors and actress, sportsmen & women, etc to guest in their episode/s.

Each episode will have a theme, and missions for the casts and guests to complete. Usually there are 3 missions before the final missions and the 3 missions are for the casts & guests to collect clues/chances for the final missions. And the famous mission are the ripping of name tags, which is like catching, where the catcher has to eliminate the players by ripping their name tags. This missions are less seen in the latest episodes and fans who are missing it are asking the casts and PDs to have it back on their show. Nowadays, the episodes are quite boring, no offence, but I believe the runners (fans of Running Man) will continue to support the show.
Rating: 7/10

2.  Real Men 


The 8 casts,Seo Kyug Suk, Kim Soo Ro, Sam Hammington, Park Hyung sik, Park Gun Hyung,Chun Jung Myung, K.Will, and Henry are sent to Korean Military troops to cope with the training given to them in the troops or by the red cap guy (the high rank soldier that always gives punishments for the soldiers). Honestly, Henry was the one who prompted me to watch Real Men and I’ve learnt more about the Korean Military troops through the show. And obviously, Henry is the hole of the casts, so mainly, you’re going to see how he doesn’t understand the rules in the army and how he gets punished. And also, its a “eating boardcast” of Chun Jung Myung and Sam Hammington where they literally show you how to enjoy the food cooked by their fellow soldiers. However, the show is going to continue with only 7 casts, with the recent announcement of Hyung Sik’s departure of the show. It was nice seeing his determination and the “fire burning in his eyes” when he does his duties.
Rating: 8.5/10

3. Superman is Back


A reality show with celebrity dads and their kids, where the dads look after the children alone for 48 hours without the help of anyone, while their wives leave the home to enjoy some relaxing time off. The wives are shown leaving the home before the 48 hours begins and coming back to greet their family once the 48 hours have ended. During the 48 hours the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete or the dads exploring new activities with their kids. Occasionally celebrity friends of the dads will stop by to interact with the kids. The current cast are

Chuseok Special
Ep 1 – Present
Lee Hwi-jae Sons – Lee Seo-eon & Lee Seo-jun
DOB: March 15, 2013 Fraternal twins
Moon Jeong-won Seoul, South Korea
Chuseok Special
Ep 1 – Present
Choo Sung-hoon Daughter – Choo Sarang
DOB: October 24, 2011
Shiho Yano Tokyo, Japan
Season 1
Ep 1 – Present
Tablo Daughter – Lee Ha-ru
DOB: May 2, 2010
Kang Hye-jung Seoul, South Korea
Season 1
Ep 32 – Present
Do Kyung-wan Son
DOB: June 13, 2014
Jang Yoon-jung Seoul, South Korea
Season 1
Ep 34 – Present
Song Il-kook Sons – Song Dae-han, Song Min-guk & Song Man-se
DOB: March 16, 2012 Triplets[7]
Jeong Seung-yeon Seoul, South Korea

adapted from Wikipedia 

So the kids are really cute especially the twins and Sarang. Its another ‘eating broadcast’ with Sarang and occasionally her mom, where they show the viewers how they have their meals. It is also heart warming to see how the kids have grown, especially the twins. Starting of the broadcast, they were still being carried around by their dad and they started to crawl, started to stand by themselves and now, they can walk and run. Nawwww. This show is also has a China adaption,爸爸回来了.
Rating: 8/10

4. Daddy! Where Are We Going?

Daddy! Where Are We Going? 아빠! 어디가?) is a South Korean reality show featuring five celebrity fathers and their children as they travel to rural places and go on camping missions. The original cast members were announcer Kim Sung-joo, actor Lee Jong-hyuk, former soccer player Song Chong-gug, actor Sung Dong-il, and Vibe singer Yoon Min-soo (and their respective offspring) Kim Min-gook (son),Lee Jun-soo (son), Song Ji-a (daughter), Sung Jun (son) & Yoon Hoo (son).

Lee Jong-hyuk and Song Chong-gug left after season 1; Kim Sung-joo, Sung Dong-il and Yoon Min-soo remained, but Kim and Sung brought on different children for season 2. They were joined by former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan, rapper Kim Jin-pyo, and actor Ryu Jin (and their respective offspring).Kim Min-yul (son), Sung Bin (daughter), Yoon Hoo (son), Ahn Ri-hwan (son), Chan-hyung (son), Kim Gyu-won (daughter).
Kim Jin-pyo left after several episodes (he stated he could not “blend in” with the other cast members), and was replaced by actor Jung Woong-in and his daughter, Jung Se-yoon. This also has a Chinese adaption named 爸爸去哪儿. I feel that generally, Season 1’s more enjoyable to watch while in Season 2, it just seem to have lost the touch. Maybe they should invite all the kids and casts in Season 1 to join the season 2 casts for 1/2 special episodes.
Rating: 6/10

5. Roommate

Roommate is another reality show; which features eleven celebrities living together in a share house, sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and washrooms, as well as household tasks. The house features sixty cameras and five bedrooms.The cast consists of Hong Soo-hyun, Jo Se-ho, Lee Dong-wook, Lee So-ra, Nana (After School), Park Bom (2NE1), Chan-yeol (EXO), Park Min-woo, Seo Kang-joon (5urprise), Shin Sung-woo & Song Ga Yeon. The program is a response to society today where single-person households are dramatically increasing and aims to show the life, troubles, and joys of eleven different celebrities as they form friendships, relationships and possibly enemies living together under one roof.

The show is quite pointless to watch, which is showed in their ratings from the recent episode at 4.1%. I started watching the show because of Bom and Nana, which two of them are known for their 4D personality, I was interested to know how they will communicate with each other. And also Chanyeol. But for now, it that seems the upcoming July 27th broadcast will be Park Bom’s final appearance on the show. The PDs also edited out a lot of the footage of Park Bom due to the controversy. (Adapted from allkpop) So it seems that she ‘left’ the show because she didn’t participate in the filming of the upcoming episodes.
Rating: 5/10

6. Showtime

EXO ShowtimeBeast Showtime
Showtime is a show with different idol groups each season that allows the fans to see behind-the-scenes of their daily lives. This show is where the fans get a chance to see how they act offstage. The first idol group was EXO, their first own reality show. Then Beast, which was filmed during the making of their ‘Good Luck’ album and their comeback. The third group upcoming will be Apink. The show will ask the groups questions that the fans have left for their idols and they will reply them through the show. I think its quite interesting if you’re interested in getting to know better of the group that is starring in the show.
Rating: 7/10

7. Laws of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a  reality-documentary show , a hybrid of reality-variety television, natural documentaries, and human drama; a new concept of programming. The cast of celebrities travel to primitive, natural places to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people. The recent episodes are filmed in Indian Ocean with Kim Byung-man, Kim Seung-soo, Park Hwi-soon, Kang Ji-seob, Uee (After School), Niel (Teen Top), James (Royal Pirates). The show is reallllly interesting, as you get to learn how to survive in the jungle literally. And how they hunt when there is no food, how they built their house, how they experience life with the tribes, etc. Just watch and you will understand.
Rating: 9/10

8. Dancing 9

Dancing 9
Dancing 9 is a dance survival program by Mnet where 18 contestants are divided into two teams, Blue Eye and Red Wings with 9 members each. A live performance each week where the two teams perform will determine the winner. A prize of 100 million won will be given to the winning team with 300 million won worth of support for dance performances. The person chosen as the MVP will also receive a 100 million won worth of additional benefits.

Red Wings masters from the first season Lee Min Woo, Woo Hyun Young and Park Ji Woo would be returning as masters for Red Wings. Season 1 winner Ha Hui Dong would be joining them. Jay Park together with Park Ji Eun and Lee Yong Woo who returned as Blue Eye’s masters for the second season and another new dance master, actor Kim Soo Ro. Okay, this may be a little bias as I’m a dancer. I do quite a number of genres so its interesting how the dancers auditioned with one genre and develop and master some more genre of dances throughout the show. Although in Season 1 and Season 2, the dancers that I like are in Blue Eye, I prefer the masters in Red Wings.
Rating: 9/10

And of course, there are much more variety shows, 2D1N, Jessica & Krystal, Weekly Idol, Infinity Challenge, etc. The above listed are the shows that I watch frequently and are still running.  Some old varieties that you should watch are Intimate note and Crime Scene.