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[COVERAGE] Korean Film Festival in Singapore 2015 Opening Night

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Korean Film Festival is held in annually, featuring feature films from Korea. Especially to mark the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Singapore and Korea, top ten films were picked to be featured during the 10 day festival.

The festival kicks start with Northern Limit Line (2015) directed by Kim Hak Soon, a naval thriller based on real-life events. The movie sets in 2002 during the FIFA World Club, the consolation game between South Korea and Turkey. North Korea’s battleship has crossed the NLL, and began firing at South Korean’s battleship 357 which started the Second battle of Yeonpyeong. The battle lasted for 30 minutes and resulted in death of 6 South Korean sailors and 18 wounded. Director Kim hopes that this films will convey the feelings of appreciation, sorrow and loyalty to their country and also provoke empathy from the audience. He wishes that this film will bring back a lost page in history and spread the courage of those men.

Before the screening, Korean Ambassador Suh Chang Ha gave an opening speech to all guests. The Korean Film Festival was formed to celebrate the 40 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and South Korea. He hoped that more Singaporeans will be able to attend the Korean Film Festival/ as it is also a glimpse into Korea’s culture as well as the history of Korea. The Korean Wave is getting more popular he said, with K-pop, K-Drama and K-Movies. But Korean Movies are the pioneering role for the wave. They are well received by international fans as well as within Korea itself. The festival picked Northern Limit Line as it was the yellow sea war between Northern and Southern Korea, and it portrays the life and death struggles of the soldiers.

Director Eric Khoo was also presented at the opening night, and is one of the famous directors in Korea. He was very happy to see how the Korean Movie industry has changed over the years. He has attended the Busan Film Festival, and is grateful to attend the Korean Film Festival in Singapore.

Initially, I wanted to watch the movie with a light heart, but the movie really portrays the life and death struggles of the soldiers. Most audience in theatre left with a heavy heart and red puffy eyes. So to those who are attending the screening for the movie on the last day of the festival, prepare your tissues!


The Korean Film Festival will be held from 23 October till 1 November at Shaw Theatres Lido. We would like to thank the organizers for the invitation and reception.

written by: Joey 

transcript: Sandra

[EVENT] Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul

As all of you would have known by now, Korean actor Kang Ha Neul will be having two events on 31 November 2015, <Kang Ha Neul’s 1st Showcase in Singapore> at Plaza Singapura, 2PM; and <Kang Ha Neul Meet & Greet @ Korean Film Festival> at Shaw Lido, 6PM.

With the many feedbacks that we have received from fans who are under 16 and fans who did not manage to get tickets to the Meet & Greet event, we at KMTV have decided to open another event just for 50 fans to meet Kang Ha Neul in a cozier setting. Fans that purchase the tickets will have a chance to get even more up-close and personal with Kang Ha Neul, as they will be able to have one (1) selfie and one (1) on-site personalized autographed poster from Kang Ha Neul himself.

More information will be released through KMTV Asia’s official Facebook page (, so be sure to follow KMTV on Facebook/Twitter and watch out for more exciting announcements!

Ticketing Details

Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul 

Date & Time: 1 November 2015, 3PM

Venue: Clove Room, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay (Level 5)

Ticket Price: Standard – $110 nett

One (1) Selfie + One (1) On-site Personalized Autographed Poster

Limited to 50 fans only. 

Note: The Meet&Greet/Showcase, Movie Screening and this event are different.

[GIVEAWAY] Korean Movie Festival Movie Tickets

Courtesy of the Korean Film Festival, we are giving out movie tickets to Northern Limit Line and Ode to My Father! We are giving out a total of 4 pairs, two pairs of tickets to each movie!

01_Northern Limit Line

Director:  Kim Hak-Soon

Starring:  Kim Mu-yeol, Jin Goo, Lee Hyun-woo

Genre:     Drama, NC16

Runtime: 130 mins

Showtime: 1 Nov, 6:50 pm @ Shaw Theatres Lido

Set in 2002 during the frenzy of the World Cup in South Korea, the South Korean Battleship 357 prepares for its usual duties. The North Korean Navy, noticing its southern nation caught up in soccer fever, deploys several battleships of their own towards the Northern Limit Line, precipitating an unexpected and tragic conflict with Battleship 357.

04_Ode to My Father


Director:  JK Youn

Starring:  Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Yunjin

Genre:     Drama, PG13

Runtime: 126 mins 

Showtime: 25 Oct, 6:50pm @ Shaw Theatres Lido

When the Korean War breaks out, a young boy named Duk-soo vows to take care of his displaced family in place of his missing father. His lifelong promise spans over 60 years, leading him through a monumental journey of hope, dedication, and personal sacrifices.

Just two simple steps to join the give away!

Step 1:  Follow both our twitter account and Korean Film Festival’s Twitter account!

Step 2: Mention us @KPressSG with the choice of the show you want to watch! [Northern Limit Line (1 Nov, 6:50 pm, NC16) OR Ode to My Father (25 Oct, 6:50pm, PG13)]

And that’s all to join the give away! 4 winners will be picked, 2 winners for each movie. Each winner will get a pair of tickets to the movie, which means you have 2 tickets, your friend/family/loved ones could join you! Winners will be announced on 21st Oct 2015 6.30PM through our twitter. 

Good luck and hope that you will walk away with the tickets!

[COVERAGE] Dragon Blade Promotion Tour in Singapore


The casts of <Dragon Blade 天将雄师> were here in Singapore from Feb 9th– 10th to promote their movie which will be in cinema’s this Chinese New Year, Feb 19th 2015.

Directed by Daniel Lee, with main casts; Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack, Choi Siwon (Super Junior), Wang Ruoxin (Mika) & Lin Peng, the movie is filmed at a budget of US$65 million, the highest budget yet for a Chinese film. Inspired by true historical events, the story of <Dragon Blade 天将雄师> begins with the discovery of an ancient “military journal” featuring different totem symbols. The film shoots in Dunhuang and the Gobi Desert, which form the dramatic natural backdrop. The environment was harsh to the crew as well as the actors, with sandstorms and rains, there were times where filming had to be delayed or the scene to be changed without prior notice.

During the press conference, Jackie Chan was saying the most tiring people in the film are actually the production crew, the ones behind the camera. They were the ones who had to be the first to arrive and the last to leave, unlike the actors. The passionate crew also moved John Cusack and Adrien Brody with their passion, as they always feel very happy to be working with them. Then Jackie teased them about how they will find him after the filming. Jackie is also the co-producer of this film, so after the filming, he will have to do a lot of editing, planning, etc. Both John and Adrien will always find Jackie in his room to talk to him so Jackie was really tired everyday just by entertaining them. But we all know that he was actually teasing the both of them because Jackie was really caring for all his casts and crew.

In a scene, Lin Peng actually fell from two meters onto gravel when her wires broke. She landed hard on her left side of her body and luckily her head was protected by Jackie. She said it hurts a lot but accidents happen which cannot be helped. She plays the icy Hun warrior Cold Moon and she feels very stressful because of her role. Other than acting alongside with the top actors, her role requires her to be very good in martial arts. Jackie has a very high expectation of her martial arts so she was really stressed in filming her role.

The other main female character, Mika Wang, plays Jackie’s wife in the film. She expressed that she is very honoured to be a part of Jackie’s film and she has learned a lot from the films, not just acting but also in terms of life.

When asked which is easier, dancing or dodging swords, Siwon feels that both are totally different things. Whenever he has to film a scene, Jackie will always tell the actors about what this scene is about or what he wants this scene to bring so Siwon is very thankful to be able to work with Da Ge- Jackie.

John have been watching Jackie’s films since young and he together with Adrien really admired him. John was very happy and feel very excited to be able to work with Jackie. Both Adrien and John said that it was a fantasy came true for them to be able to work and act along with Jackie in a martial art film. In U.S, Jackie’s martial art films are always the best. So working with Jackie is already the peak, they will not be able to experience better with anyone else.

This is going to be Jackie’s 54 years in the movie industry. He feels like there is no more competition in the movie industry in terms of ticket sales as compared to last time. He just want every film to do well and he wants to deliver the important message of ‘World Peace’ through the film.  In every movie, he will put in his heart and soul in it so Jackie believes that <Dragon Blade 天将雄师>  will not fail everyone’s expectations.

The show was prepared for 7 years, and filmed for 6 months, with the editing and all, a year plus. If the audience love the movie, Jackie will feel worth it and satisfied despite the pain, injuries, sweat and even blood. So be sure to watch the movie, <Dragon Blade 天将雄师>  in cinemas this Chinese New Year!

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