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[COVERAGE] Seo Kang Joon #CheeseintheTrap Press Conference in Singapore

IMG_6951 Seo Kang Joon plays Baek In Ho in the hot trend K-drama, Cheese in the Trap. He was invited to Singapore by Starhub to greet his fans for his first time here! The weather was a lot hotter than what the actor expected but lucky for KangJoon, it was raining on the day of press conference/fan-meet.


With regards to In Ho and his real self, he feels that both of them have very different personality. Initially he was worried because the character was very different from his own character. He’s more of an introvert and calm person, but In-Ho is more wild and charming. But while he was filming the show, he became more comfortable with the character. And because of Baek In Ho’s character, he’s been started to swear a lot with his 5urpr!se members and his friends. It just naturally come out with his mouth even though he is not filming! My members did not really comment or gave him much feedback about his acting or character. But after they watched the drama, they just give Kang Joon a simple “it looks fun” comment.

5urpr!se is a South Korean idol band formed in 2013. Their members consist of Seo Kang-joon, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Kang Tae-oh and Lee Tae-hwan.


Also, since Cheese in the Trap has a lot of fans, many doubted him on his decision to take up the role of In Ho. KangJoon was pressurized by the concern but he had a goal to break those negative expectations. Thus, he studied his character a lot and consulted the director a lot. His hard work has been proven through the viewers’ compliments and he is now confident with his role. His most memorable scene was the fight with Yoo Jung which made him very sad because their friendship became bad.


Unlike Yoo Jung whom is a very charming person; someone who can make girls feel nervous and flustered, In-Ho is someone who would secretly care for someone; he doesn’t show it on the surface but deep down he really cares for Hong Seol. It was this point that attracted him to In-Ho’s role.


Kang Joon has not decided on what his next project is going to be and is still looking for good opportunities. He does not want to limit himself to the types of character he will play as he would like to try on a lot of different roles. A lot of people suggested for him to play the vampire but he wants to act more in school related dramas. But fans will be able to see him through the screen on Law of the Jungle, where he has just guested on with AOA’s Seolhyun. He will also be travelling around Asia to meet his fans!


When given the question of what he would have done to win a girl he has a one-sided love with, like In Ho has on Hong Seol, he answered that at the moment, In-Ho doesn’t really want to occupy or own Hong Seol for himself. So he don’t think In-Ho’s intention is for Yoo Jung and Hong Seol to break up. In-Ho secretly wishes them happiness and if he in real life will do the same, by wishing her to be happy.


Co-actor Hae Jin is about 10 years older than KangJoon; he is 34 years old. Hae Jin did have concerns about their age differences since both characters are of the same age in the drama. But Kang Joon feels that he is actually much more matured for his age, so he did not really worry much about their age difference at all. In Ho’s swearing kind of brought them closer, so they’re really good friends now.


On what he would want to say to those who have not watched the drama yet:

“The drama will give audiences a flustered feeling; like having butterflies in your stomach and leave audiences in great anticipation. Furthermore, it showcases the campus life in Korea University so students in Korea could relate to that. The elements of friendship and conflicts would entice the public to watch it.”

View HQ photos of Seo Kang Joon’s Cheese in the Trap Press Conference here:

Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on W Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm. Kpress would like to thank Starhub for bringing Kang Joon over to Singapore and the invitation!

Transcript by: Sandra

Photos and Coverage by: Joey


[EVENT] Starhub TV brings Seo Kang Jun from Cheese in the Trap to Singapore


Fans and viewers of Cheese in the Trap heads up. Actor Seo Kang Jun who plays Baek In Ho in the drama will be coming to Singapore this Friday for a fan-meet!

Seo Kang Jun Meet & Greet

Date: 19 Feb

Time: 7pm

Venue: Suntec City Level 1 West Atrium (next to H&M)

This is will an open event, where you will be able to see him by just heading down to the event! Be the first 20 Qiang Yu Le Pack customers to present your StarHub bill at the event and get a chance to meet the stars up close and personal.

Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855)娱家戏剧台(星和视界第855频道)every Sunday at 10pm.

photo credits from: Starhub TV

[EVENT] Kang Ha Neul Fan Meet in Singapore

Official Image

For the first time, Korean Actor, Kang Ha Neul will be meeting his fans in Singapore! This will be his first visit to Singapore and his first fan event overseas in the Asia region.

Organized by KMTV Asia and Official Event Partner Starhub, Kang Ha Neul’s 1st Showcase in Singapore will be held on 31 October 2015 (Saturday), 2PM at Plaza Singapura (Level 1). This will be an open event for all, and 200 KMTV subscribers from Starhub will stand a chance to get a group photo taking opportunity with Kang Ha Neul himself. For more information on this event, do check out

Kang Ha Neul will also be joining the movie screening of his latest film, “Twenty” during the Mr. Korean Film Festival on 31 October 2015, 6:50PM at Shaw Theatres Lido. He will also be having a Meet & Greet session before the movie screening, at 6PM.

He will be personally giving out pre-signed posters to every meet & greet package holder and taking group pictures with the relevant package holders before the screening. In addition he will also greet the movie audience before the screening. Interested parties can purchase ticket packages from KMTV at $25 for a poster, and $50 for an autograph and group picture. It will be held at Shaw Theatres Lido at 5:30pm, the movie will be screened at 7.00pm.

The meet & greet is organized by the Korean Film Festival Organising Committee in partnership with KMTV with hopes to make the screening of the film memorable as the audience gets to see their film star up close and also to promote interest in KANG Ha Neul’s future works.

More information on both events will be released through KMTV Asia’s official Facebook page (, so be sure to follow KMTV on Facebook/Twitter and watch out for more exciting announcements!

Ticketing Details

Kang Ha Neul 1st Showcase in Singapore

Date & Time: 31 October 2015, 2PM

Venue: Plaza Singapura (Level 1)

(Open to public!)

*note: the movie screening, Showcase and Selfie with Ha Neul are different events

[EVENT] Korean Drama OST Night

Korean drama lovers are in for a treat! For the first time ever, Mode Entertainment proudly presents a specially conceptualized concert featuring the most popular & well-loved Korean drama OST theme songs. This concert will be staged on 22nd April 2015, 8PM at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre.

“OST”, an abbreviation for “Original Sound Track”, is a common term used in Korean Pop to refer to the music and theme songs showcased in popular Korean dramas.

The concert will be headlined by the reigning Queen and King of K-Drama songs – Korean Pop superstars, Baek Z Young and K.Will, who are performing in Singapore for the first time.

Baek Z Young, the top female vocalist in Korea, is well known for her mega hits – the theme songs from “Secret Garden”, “Rooftop Prince”, “Iris”, “Good Doctor”, and the 2015 drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, among others. The respected veteran ballad singer has been a regular chart topper in Korea, with multi-platinum-selling albums since her debut in 1999, cementing her status as a National K-pop treasure. With sold-out concerts across Korea, she also released a #1 album which was a collection of the TV drama OST she recorded.

K.Will, the most successful K-pop male vocalist to emerge in recent years, is most famous for his OST theme songs from dramas such as “You Who Came from the Stars”, “King 2 Hearts” and “Brilliant Legacy”. He is also the voice behind the theme song of the latest K-Drama hit series “Pinocchio”. K.Will was awarded the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist in 2012, and hit #1 on Billboard K-Pop Top 100 in 2013. Renowned for his vocal prowess, stars such as Rain and actor Lee Min Ho have proclaimed their love for his singing skills.

Get ready to be wowed by the excellent performances of Baek Z Young and K.Will, which might also include surprises from their own non-OST hit repertoire.

This much-awaited concert also includes an eagerly anticipated nostalgic “Classic OST Theme Songs” segment, which will include evergreen all-time favorites from Korean dramas and movies dating back to the early 2000s. Theme songs of classic, unforgettable dramas such as “Winter Sonata”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Goong”, “Full House”, and movies such as “My Sassy Girl”; performed by respected K-Pop vocal duo GB9 and talented female vocalist from “The Voice of Korea”, U Sung Eun.

Korean Drama OST Night promises to be one memorable night of heartrending nostalgia and unforgettable touching moments. Relive your fond memories of these dramas. Complementing heart-wrenching, humourous and emotional storylines, the music of Korea’s best-loved dramas will tug and touch your hearts. If you are an ardent fan of these endearing and internationally renowned drama series, this is a rare concert not to be missed!

Text from: SISTIC 

Organizers: Mode Entertainment 

[DRAMA-POLL] My Love Whom Came From The Stars Finale

There are many names for this drama, ‘My Love From the Star’, ‘You Whom Came From the Stars’, etc, but they all mean the same drama. Starring Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Jae Jin, Yoo In Na and other casts, the drama has been the new sensation after ‘The Heirs’ drama.


Do Min-joon is an alien that landed on Earth in the year 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty. As his spaceship is broken, he is stranded on the planet for the next four centuries. He possesses a near-perfect appearance, enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed, and a cynical, jaded view regarding human beings. He meets a young girl whom he saves from death, but later on she gives her life saving him.
As time goes by, Min-joon is forced to take on a new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.
In the present he works as a college professor and finds out that due to a comet coming in three months, he will be able to return to his home planet. In the meantime he accidentally meets famous actress Cheon Song-yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea, when she moves in next door to his luxurious apartment and also turns out to be attending his classes at college. Song-yi is an obnoxious, entitled attention seeker, someone who became a top star in her teens and never learned how to live a normal life. She drinks like a fish, swears like a sailor and does whatever she wants. Min-joon finds out that Song-yi looks like the young girl he fell in love with in the Joseon era. He tries to keep himself away from her, as he needs to leave the planet.
However, Song-yi gets entangled in the dangerous game of Lee Jae-kyung, the elder brother of Hwi-kyung, who has been her friend since middle school and is in love with her. As Jae-kyung tries to silence Song-yi, Min-joon finds himself saving her multiple times and eventually the neighbours fall for each other. But Jae-kyung turns out to be much more dangerous than Min-joon suspected and he mysteriously also starts to lose control over his superpowers, making his only friend and confindant, Lawyer Jang worried about his life and return to space.
(quoted from Wikipedia: )

Well, I personally feel that this drama craze is about firstly, the casts. Kim Soo Hyun, is a really charming person I would say. I not a fan of him, but I’ve saw pictures, gifs, videos, fan moments about him being a dork even though he is really good looking. One example will be his appearance in Running Man Episode 147 with Lee Hyun Woo. He’s quite a ‘Black Hole’ despite his tactics, fast running etc. Jun Ji Hyun who made her small screen comeback after 14 years also wow-ed viewers, as she is already 33 this year and yet her skin is still so flawless! Known for her romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl (2001), one of the highest grossing Korean comedies of all time, viewers are jealous with her ‘never-aging-skin’.

As the drama is about to end, viewers are getting more excited and more curious about the final episode. How will the drama end? Will it be a happy ending? Or will be it a sad one? Or even an open ending? Below are some possible endings that viewers have came up with, which one do you prefer?

1. Min Joon decide to stay on Earth with Song Yl to start a family. He lose his supernatural powers and will grow old with Song Yl and family on Earth.
2. Both Min Joon and Song Yl leave Earth together and start their family on Min Joon’s planet. They start a family with several kids and after a few years, their youngest kid went to Earth and met a young lady. (And the story starts all over again)
3. Min Joon decides to leave Song Yl alone on Earth and decides to forget all about her. In the end, Song Yl will marry Hwi Kyung.

These are some possible endings and I personally think that ending 2 is the best. As in, I would love to see their kids and how do they look like. (oops) Share your thoughts with us at the poll below!