[TRAVEL] Experience Digital Exhibitions at National Museum Singapore for Free!

Have you ever visited the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands, where the Future World exhibition is held? The exhibition showcases 4 different themes, Nature, Town, Park and Space, and it showcases artworks by using digital technology. Prices are at $13 for Singaporeans adults, and $10 for local students, $6 for children. However, there is a new exhibition over at National Museum Singapore where it provides free entry to Singaporeans and PRs!

Under the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, the creators behind Future World, Team Lab brings 69 drawings from the collection to life.  The Story of the Forest exhibition is located at the Glass Rotunda, and it begins with a bridge with floral artworks all around you. (Beware you might feel a little giddy due to the movement of the artworks!)

The exhibition continues with a two-story Rotunda route, where it is surrounded by not only the forest but animals. The Upper Rotunda has a different habitat as compared to the Lower Rotunda but visitors are able to spend as much time as they want in the exhibition. (And it is not only one way, visitors are able to head up to the Upper Rotunda again.)  The weather will change too, from time to time, it will ‘rain’ and visitors will be able to see how the animals in the exhibition react to it.

The experience will be complete when you lie down and look at the different flora in the Glass Rotunda which will ‘grow’ and change.  There is also an application where visitors are able to enhance their visit at Story of the Forest, where they are able to “hunt” and “capture” the flora and fauna with their phone. Visitors will be rewarded with insights to the artworks from the collections which inspired the creations.

Thus, head down to National Museum Singapore for an immersive and educational experience! There are also other exhibition in the museum such as the Singapore History Gallery, We Built A Nation, etc, where visitors are able to learn more about Singapore. 

Open daily from 10am to 7pm, last admission for Story of the Forest is at 6.15pm. Free Admission to all galleries for Singaporeans & PRs. 



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