[COVERAGE] Lee Jong Suk Variety in Singapore Press Conference

For the first time, Lee Jong Suk is here in Singapore to meet his fans through his Variety fan meet! With regards to this, he is very thankful for his fans who has waited for him to come Singapore for such a long time. Jong Suk too has also been waiting for this chance to meet his Singaporean fans and he is looking forward to in meeting them.


The Fan Meeting tour around Asia gave the actor an opportunity to travel as well as to meet his Asian fans. He also hope to include more countries that are not scheduled in his fan meet soon.

Jong Suk also expressed his preference for the weather in Singapore now as compared to the Winter that Korea is experiencing now. As much as he wants to extend his stay in Singapore, his busy schedule did not allow him to get his wish. (/cues sad face)



However, even though he prefers the weather in Singapore, he actually is someone who sweats easily. So the most memorable times when filming the W drama, was shooting in the very hot Summer period.


His manager recommend Chilli Crab to him thus he wanted to try the famous dish, just like all other Koreans who came to Singapore. And to where he suggested tourists to visit in Korea are Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Sinsa-dong and Garosu-gil.


With regards to his fair and good skin, Jong Suk revealed that he did not have any special skincare routine but he just tends to avoid the sun. So girls, time for more sunblock!




Even though Christmas is coming, the busy actor who is currently filming a movie where he plays the villain for the first time, has no special plans. Being a guy who will enjoy his day as it goes, so he has no plans for the upcoming new year. But just to see if there’s any opportunities comes along as times goes by for his work.

To view more photos from the press conference head to : Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting Press Conference Photos


Kpress Singapore would like to thank IME Singapore for the invitation

Text and Photos by: Joey

Transcript by: Sandra



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