[COVERAGE] GOT7 Fan Meeting in Singapore

IMG_5852 The members of GOT7 are back in Singapore for the second time this year! JB, Jr., BamBam, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom are grouped together to start the New Generation Idols. With distinct novel music and martial art tricking performances, they are ready to take your breath away.


GOT7 started with ‘Stop Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’, which had fans up on their feet even though the fan meeting had just started.


The boys had some introductions before playing ‘act-it-out’ charades where both teams of members and lucky fans didn’t get the answer. The winner was then decided through screams and cheers. JB, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom team won despite BamBam from the other team taking off his jacket. /cue screams


Hit songs ‘Just Right’ & ‘If You Do’ were up next, heating up the venue. Another game was played with fans, with the classical Musical Chairs we all played when we were younger (or with your idols).

‘Confession Song’ was used by the members to confess to Singapore that they love Her.


A mini dance battle broke out between Yugyeom and Youngjae when the question “Who is the best dancer in GOT7” was asked. A fan-made video was played, showing the journey that GOT7 had from pre-debut period up till now. They were shocked when they saw a banner project prepared which wrote “Stay with us until the end”. In which BamBam replied, “We GOT7 will always stay with you.”


With ‘Magnetic’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘A’, the boys successfully ended their fan meeting and promised fans that they will be back in Singapore again in 2016. We hope that these energetic boys will be back in Singapore for a show (or two) in the upcoming year!

Kpress Singapore would like to thank the organisers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to the GOT7 Fan meet, as well as the 3 other fan-meeting for SGKSTAR 2015. It was a fun and Kpop-filled weekend!

View Photos here: GOT7 Fan Meeting Photoset

Coverage and Photos by: Joey


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