[COVERAGE] SISTAR & Monsta X Fan Meeting in Singapore


Label mates of STARSHIP Entertainment, SISTAR & Monsta X was here in Singapore for a joint fan-meet! This is the first time SISTAR held a joint fan-meet in Singapore with their label mates and also the very first time Monsta X was here!


SISTAR debuted in 2010 with Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom with their single album ‘Push Push’. From then on, the girls promoted with a healthy and distinctive image, and mainly promoted in the summer. They have managed to sweep the digital charts and won 1st place on music charts with their songs.


SISTAR showed off their girl power by starting the fan meet with their newest hot song, ‘Shake It’. Despite not having collab queen Soyou, at the fan-meeting, the trio brought several hit songs such as ‘I Swear’, ‘Crying’, ‘Loving U’, ‘Ma Boy’, ‘Touch My Body’.


SISTAR also played a telepathy game with lucky fans, where both the member and the fan has to choose, or rather draw, one of the two choices given to them by the MCs. The winner (Dasom’s Partner) walked away with a pair of Sketchers shoes, as well as a signed CD and a selfie!



Debuted in just this year May, Monsta X members were chosen through a harsh survival program through Mnet called ‘No Mercy’. Winners from the program were Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M. The title track ‘Trespass’ was their debut song and they followed up with their second mini album, ‘Rush’.



Rookie monsters, Monsta X started their part with ‘Trespass’ and ‘Prefect Girl’, before greeting their Singaporean fans for the first time. The boys jumped off stage during ‘Rush’, which surprised their fans as they ran to get a closer look at their idols. A lucky fan was chosen to be on stage for the next song, ‘Honestly’, where the boys presented roses to the fan.



A staring contest was also held with lucky fans, where members get paired up with the fans to decide who can stare into each others’ eyes the longest. Leader Shownu and his partner won by holding the record of 26 seconds.


Monsta X concluded the fan meet with their side song ‘Hero’ which made the audience scream the song together with them. Both SISTAR and Monsta X promised that they will be back in Singapore again next year! We can’t wait for these two amazing and fun groups to be back!

View photos here: SISTAR & MonstaX Fan Meeting Photo Set

Kpress would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invite!

Photos by: Joey & Sandra

Written by: Joey


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