[COVERAGE] BTOB Fan Meeting in Singapore

As a part of SGKStar 2015, a 3 days event showcasing Korean gaming, cosmetics, food, fashion culture, tourism; BTOB was the first K-pop group to meet their fans in Singapore!


BTOB (Born to Beat) was formed under CUBE Entertainment, and it includes Seo Eunkwang (Leader), Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik, Peniel Shin, Jung Ilhoon & Yook Sungjae. Debuted in March 2012, the group bagged their first ever win on MBC Show Champion with their latest ballad “Way Back Home”. The trend #BTOB1stwin was up on twitter for days, and it shows how much the fans are proud of them.

The showcase started with  ‘WOW’, where it excited fans to scream their fan chants and to the song as well, just as the showcase started!


Laughters were gained from the audience as the hosts (Dee Kosh and Chris) played a game which required the members to first cover their faces, then reveal them according to the expression the hosts has given. Changsub gave almost the same faces for the expressions, which draw fits of laughter every time he reveal his face. However, it was the leader, Eunkwang, who was the most “drama” out of the members, had the most support from the audience.


The boys then sang ‘Its Okay’ in which their live was amazing! Some lucky fans were also chosen up on stage to fulfil their wishes which they wrote a post-it before they entered the venue. Christmas sure came early for the lucky fans!

After the sweet interaction with their fans, BTOB continued with songs ‘Way Back Home’, ‘Beep Beep’, ‘2nd Confession’,‘Insane’ and ‘Thriller’. The fans sang ‘I Miss You’ to cue a encore performance from the group and it was enough for them to sing one last song ‘Shake It’!


The group promised their fans that they will continue to work hard and also that they will come back to Singapore soon. I’m very sure by then BTOB will have more fans due to their amazing live performances and their fans can’t wait for them to be back!


View more photos over here: BTOB <I Mean> Fan meeting in Singapore Photo set

Kpress Singapore would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to this fan meeting!

Photos by: Joey & Brenda

Coverage by: Joey 


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