[COVERAGE] GOT7 Fan Meeting in Singapore

IMG_5852 The members of GOT7 are back in Singapore for the second time this year! JB, Jr., BamBam, Mark, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom are grouped together to start the New Generation Idols. With distinct novel music and martial art tricking performances, they are ready to take your breath away.


GOT7 started with ‘Stop Stop It’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’, which had fans up on their feet even though the fan meeting had just started.


The boys had some introductions before playing ‘act-it-out’ charades where both teams of members and lucky fans didn’t get the answer. The winner was then decided through screams and cheers. JB, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom team won despite BamBam from the other team taking off his jacket. /cue screams


Hit songs ‘Just Right’ & ‘If You Do’ were up next, heating up the venue. Another game was played with fans, with the classical Musical Chairs we all played when we were younger (or with your idols).

‘Confession Song’ was used by the members to confess to Singapore that they love Her.


A mini dance battle broke out between Yugyeom and Youngjae when the question “Who is the best dancer in GOT7” was asked. A fan-made video was played, showing the journey that GOT7 had from pre-debut period up till now. They were shocked when they saw a banner project prepared which wrote “Stay with us until the end”. In which BamBam replied, “We GOT7 will always stay with you.”


With ‘Magnetic’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘A’, the boys successfully ended their fan meeting and promised fans that they will be back in Singapore again in 2016. We hope that these energetic boys will be back in Singapore for a show (or two) in the upcoming year!

Kpress Singapore would like to thank the organisers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to the GOT7 Fan meet, as well as the 3 other fan-meeting for SGKSTAR 2015. It was a fun and Kpop-filled weekend!

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Coverage and Photos by: Joey

[COVERAGE] SISTAR & Monsta X Fan Meeting in Singapore


Label mates of STARSHIP Entertainment, SISTAR & Monsta X was here in Singapore for a joint fan-meet! This is the first time SISTAR held a joint fan-meet in Singapore with their label mates and also the very first time Monsta X was here!


SISTAR debuted in 2010 with Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom with their single album ‘Push Push’. From then on, the girls promoted with a healthy and distinctive image, and mainly promoted in the summer. They have managed to sweep the digital charts and won 1st place on music charts with their songs.


SISTAR showed off their girl power by starting the fan meet with their newest hot song, ‘Shake It’. Despite not having collab queen Soyou, at the fan-meeting, the trio brought several hit songs such as ‘I Swear’, ‘Crying’, ‘Loving U’, ‘Ma Boy’, ‘Touch My Body’.


SISTAR also played a telepathy game with lucky fans, where both the member and the fan has to choose, or rather draw, one of the two choices given to them by the MCs. The winner (Dasom’s Partner) walked away with a pair of Sketchers shoes, as well as a signed CD and a selfie!



Debuted in just this year May, Monsta X members were chosen through a harsh survival program through Mnet called ‘No Mercy’. Winners from the program were Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M. The title track ‘Trespass’ was their debut song and they followed up with their second mini album, ‘Rush’.



Rookie monsters, Monsta X started their part with ‘Trespass’ and ‘Prefect Girl’, before greeting their Singaporean fans for the first time. The boys jumped off stage during ‘Rush’, which surprised their fans as they ran to get a closer look at their idols. A lucky fan was chosen to be on stage for the next song, ‘Honestly’, where the boys presented roses to the fan.



A staring contest was also held with lucky fans, where members get paired up with the fans to decide who can stare into each others’ eyes the longest. Leader Shownu and his partner won by holding the record of 26 seconds.


Monsta X concluded the fan meet with their side song ‘Hero’ which made the audience scream the song together with them. Both SISTAR and Monsta X promised that they will be back in Singapore again next year! We can’t wait for these two amazing and fun groups to be back!

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Kpress would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invite!

Photos by: Joey & Sandra

Written by: Joey

[COVERAGE] Day 6 Fan-meeting in Singapore


JYP’s First boy band, Day 6 has visited Singapore for the first time during the SGKstar Festival! The band just celebrated their 100 days of debut, ever since their 1st mini album, ‘The Day’ was released. Made up of Sungjin, Jae, Jun Hyeok, Young K, Won Pil & Do Woon, the 6 members are equipped with unique vocal talent as well as writing and composing skills.


The band started their show with ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘Habits’ before proceeding for a game with their fans. The game requires the fans to be blindfolded and guess which member is standing behind them through their voices. Sneaky members even cover their voices through different tones!


Continuing with their songs, ‘You’, ‘Like That Sun’ & ‘Colors’ were presented to the audience. Charades were also played, where fans and members are spilt into two different teams, and they had to guess the word through drawings. It was also a game to test the member’s drawing skills!


The boys also covered Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and One Republic’s ‘Stop & Stare’, adding their own colors into the songs. They wrapped up their fan meeting with their hit song, ‘Congratulations’ where it had everybody singing the chorus along with them. A special video put up by fans was also showed on the stage where the members ‘fake cry’ after watching it.


Of course, the members knew that the last song of the fan-meeting is not really the last song, thus they covered some of Bruno Mars’ songs and sang ‘Freely’ for their encore stage.


Members also expressed their thoughts for their first ever fan-meeting here in Singapore.

Wonpil: “This is the first time that we are in Singapore, and I am very happy that I am able to share this love with all of you tonight. I will work hard to repay the love that you have shown to us.”

Young K: “Thank you so much for welcoming us and the birthday wish that you gave. Actually, my parents are here to watch me, and this is my dad’s first time watching me perform. Thank you Singapore, I love you guys so much, we love you!”

DoWoon: “JYP Family and Day6, I love you. I love you all Singapore!”

JunHyeok: “Sorry I don’t speak English very well, so I will speak in Korean. This is my first time in Singapore and I am very happy to perform here. The love and support given to us here is something that I can’t even imagine. Today is also my mum’s birthday, so I am going to work very hard to invite her to my shows. I love my fans as much as I love my mum.”

Jae: “You guys make me feel so smart because you can understand English, people think that I am crazy when I say this is crazy in Korea. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did with us.”

SungJin: “I am so honoured to have a fan meeting here in Singapore. I appreciate the love and support, we will do our best so keep supporting us!”

Certainly, fans will continue to support this unique band and I bet they can’t wait for DAY6 to be back in Singapore again! We would like to thank Three Angles Production for the invite!

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Photos by: Joey & Brenda

Written by: Joey

[COVERAGE] BTOB Fan Meeting in Singapore

As a part of SGKStar 2015, a 3 days event showcasing Korean gaming, cosmetics, food, fashion culture, tourism; BTOB was the first K-pop group to meet their fans in Singapore!


BTOB (Born to Beat) was formed under CUBE Entertainment, and it includes Seo Eunkwang (Leader), Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik, Peniel Shin, Jung Ilhoon & Yook Sungjae. Debuted in March 2012, the group bagged their first ever win on MBC Show Champion with their latest ballad “Way Back Home”. The trend #BTOB1stwin was up on twitter for days, and it shows how much the fans are proud of them.

The showcase started with  ‘WOW’, where it excited fans to scream their fan chants and to the song as well, just as the showcase started!


Laughters were gained from the audience as the hosts (Dee Kosh and Chris) played a game which required the members to first cover their faces, then reveal them according to the expression the hosts has given. Changsub gave almost the same faces for the expressions, which draw fits of laughter every time he reveal his face. However, it was the leader, Eunkwang, who was the most “drama” out of the members, had the most support from the audience.


The boys then sang ‘Its Okay’ in which their live was amazing! Some lucky fans were also chosen up on stage to fulfil their wishes which they wrote a post-it before they entered the venue. Christmas sure came early for the lucky fans!

After the sweet interaction with their fans, BTOB continued with songs ‘Way Back Home’, ‘Beep Beep’, ‘2nd Confession’,‘Insane’ and ‘Thriller’. The fans sang ‘I Miss You’ to cue a encore performance from the group and it was enough for them to sing one last song ‘Shake It’!


The group promised their fans that they will continue to work hard and also that they will come back to Singapore soon. I’m very sure by then BTOB will have more fans due to their amazing live performances and their fans can’t wait for them to be back!


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Kpress Singapore would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to this fan meeting!

Photos by: Joey & Brenda

Coverage by: Joey