[COVERAGE] Kang Ha Neul 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore


A joint effort by KMTV Asia and Korean Tourism Organization, Actor Kang Ha Neul was in Singapore to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Singapore and Korea. His movie, “Twenty” is also featured in the Korean Film Festival, which was held from the 23rd October to 1st November.

Ha Neul greeted his fans on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Plaza Sing, where fans crowd around the stage as well as other other floors just to catch him in action! There was also a game section, where 5 lucky fans/winners came up to the stage to let the actor guess what songs are they listening to.


The first song was Candy, which he guessed correctly but said that the song was from Sechkies. After a bunch of laughter from the crowd, he changed to H.O.T and laughed with regards to his mistake too. Well, he tried his best in guessing not what the song the winners were listening to but in guessing the song titles given by the crowd to him. Once he gotten he hint, he will ‘try’ his best to give the answer by faking that he was unsure about the song, which was really funny and led to some laughters.

Not forgetting his fans on the other levels, Ha Neul was seen throwing finger hearts and random smiles to them. And also, his V-sign, whenever he pose for a photo and he feels awkward without his V-sign.


There is also a section where he answered some questions from the media where he will answer each question diligently, and then ending of with “I’m done”. For example, when asked whom he would like to work with again among those whom he had acted with throughout his career, he choose his movie “Twenty” co-stars, “Kim Woo Bin and 2PM’s Junho… I’m done” drawing laughters from the audience.


He added that they have became closer thanks to the movie and would like to work with his close friends again. He also wished that everyone will enjoy his movie, “Twenty” which is featured in the top 10 Korean films in the Korean Film Festival (KFF).

The actor also sang songs from dramas which he had acted in namely ‘The Three Things I Have Left‘ and ‘I Will Love You‘, from Angel Eyes and Monsta respectively. He ended off the fan meeting with an attempt in taking a group photo with the help of the best group selfie partnership, Selfie stick + fish eye lenses.


After the fan meeting, fans took a group photo with the actor at Shaw Lido Theatres, where some even scored hugs, selfies, and handshakes! The actor was such a kind person which produced more fan-service other than the basic group photo taking.


Much thanks KMTV Asia and KTO for the invitation!

Text and Photos by: Joey


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