[GIVEAWAY] Korean Movie Festival Movie Tickets

Courtesy of the Korean Film Festival, we are giving out movie tickets to Northern Limit Line and Ode to My Father! We are giving out a total of 4 pairs, two pairs of tickets to each movie!

01_Northern Limit Line

Director:  Kim Hak-Soon

Starring:  Kim Mu-yeol, Jin Goo, Lee Hyun-woo

Genre:     Drama, NC16

Runtime: 130 mins

Showtime: 1 Nov, 6:50 pm @ Shaw Theatres Lido

Set in 2002 during the frenzy of the World Cup in South Korea, the South Korean Battleship 357 prepares for its usual duties. The North Korean Navy, noticing its southern nation caught up in soccer fever, deploys several battleships of their own towards the Northern Limit Line, precipitating an unexpected and tragic conflict with Battleship 357.

04_Ode to My Father


Director:  JK Youn

Starring:  Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Yunjin

Genre:     Drama, PG13

Runtime: 126 mins 

Showtime: 25 Oct, 6:50pm @ Shaw Theatres Lido

When the Korean War breaks out, a young boy named Duk-soo vows to take care of his displaced family in place of his missing father. His lifelong promise spans over 60 years, leading him through a monumental journey of hope, dedication, and personal sacrifices.

Just two simple steps to join the give away!

Step 1:  Follow both our twitter account https://twitter.com/KPressSG and Korean Film Festival’s Twitter account! https://twitter.com/KFF2015

Step 2: Mention us @KPressSG with the choice of the show you want to watch! [Northern Limit Line (1 Nov, 6:50 pm, NC16) OR Ode to My Father (25 Oct, 6:50pm, PG13)]

And that’s all to join the give away! 4 winners will be picked, 2 winners for each movie. Each winner will get a pair of tickets to the movie, which means you have 2 tickets, your friend/family/loved ones could join you! Winners will be announced on 21st Oct 2015 6.30PM through our twitter. 

Good luck and hope that you will walk away with the tickets!


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