[EVENT] SGC Seoul Girls Collection Live in Singapore


SGC SUPER LIVE IN SINGAPORE  confirmed to be held on December 19 at Singapore EXPO!

SEOUL GIRLS COLLECTION(SGC SUPER LIVE) is starting Asia tour this November. This Seoul Girls Collection Asia tour will be held in 3 cities including Manilla Philippines, Bangkok Thailand, and Singapore with Korea’s top artist.

This is the first overseas expansion since the 9th opening SGC SUPER LIVE in Tokyo and the organising company said, “Because of the top famous artist held on SEOUL GIRLS COLLECTION(SGC SUPER LIVE), we received questions about ticketing from not only Korean fans but from the fans overseas” thus “We decided to open SGC SUPER LIVE world tour on the second half of the year in respond.”

SEOUL GIRLS COLLECTION Show, celebrating the 12th anniversary by SGC SUPER LIVE IN Singapore, is an entertainment show focused on the trend and presenting a new approach to fashion and K-pop. And planned to introduce the excellence of the nation’s fashion brand by performing K-pop concert in collaboration with 10 to 30’s young woman’s ‘Real Clothes’ concept, presenting domestic and foreign famous brands and street fashion at the same time.

Many top K-pop artist will be performing on SGC SUPER LIVE IN SINGAPORE. Eye of the K-pop storm, Super Junior’s LeeTeuk has been selected special MC for the show. And WooJoo Star Kim-HeeChul and talented musician JungMo’s collaboration! M&D, Henry are joining SGC SUPER LIVE IN Singapore too.

Also Korea famous hip hop idol Block-b, Hot-issue IDOL! B1A4, Sexy model IDOL! Nine muses, Korea’s Rookie Hip-hop group Toppdogg are joining for a spectacular show of SGC SUPER LIVE IN Singapore.

Audiences can enjoy various artist’s performance and fashion show at the same time by 20~30 minute mini concert format SGC SUPER LIVE. And fans of the participating artists can also enjoy by their long performance.

‘SGC SUPER LIVE’ was planned by ‘Seoul Girls Collection’ to introduce the excellence of the nation’s fashion brand. And was awarded by the Korean Trade Association’s 1 million dollars export award.

‘SGC SUPER LIVE IN Singapore’ is organized by ‘Seoul Girls Collection’. Early bird ticket preorder will be open via official ticketing site SGCENT at 1 pm PST, Monday, October 12th (2pm KST). For more information about the concert schedule and ticketing, check their ticketing website;

SGCENT(http://www.sgcent.com) , SGC twitter(https://twitter.com/SGC_Twt) and Seoul Girls Collection official website(http://seoulgirlscollection.or.kr/)



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