[COVERAGE] BEAST Ordinary Fan meet 2015 in Singapore


Yey! BEAST is finally back in Singapore after 3 years and this time is for a closer time with their fans through a fan meet! The concert started with a VCR which started the night with screams from their fans, B2uties.


Followed by their recent hits, Yey and Good luck, it brought fans up to their feet to groove along with the boys. Absolutely not ordinary, BEAST managed to capture the fans hearts with their amazing live and dance moves. They introduced themselves and expressed how much they have missed performing in Singapore. Fun Fact: They actually visited Singapore quite often before the 3 years hiatus in our sunny island!


They also performed their other songs, 12:30, Beautiful Night, Shadow, Fiction, On Rainy Days, etc for their audience that night. And I have to say, Yoseob’s high notes were amazing.


There was also a Singapore quiz section, where the members had to guess the correct answers. The first question was regards to our national flower, where the Vanda Miss Joaquim was actually not in any of the choices! Fans actually hinted the members and they got it and protested to the MCs, cutely of course. After some questions, Doojoon got the least amount of questions correctly and was punished to receive finger flicks from all of the other members. Through that, other than Hyunseung, the rest took their chances in punishing their leader. Of course, we can see how close they were through the game coming from the group who has been together for 6 years!

IMG_0440 IMG_1355

The other game they played was “Guess the Song” with chosen fans and it was hilarious. The songs played were songs sung by Singaporeans, and there were overseas fans within the chosen fans. Which made Doojoon go “She is Hongkong!” as his partner was from Hongkong and did not know any songs sung by Singapore artists. Dongwoon was also distracting all his other members by singing “Let it go”! (tsk.) In the end, Junhyung won and his partner won a solo photo opportunity with him, photobomb-ed by the other members.

IMG_0988 IMG_0955

The night ended with their ‘Encore’ (their song and encore section) and promised fans to come back to Singapore again real soon!


For more photos, please head to our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1012481832135558.1073741850.253229304727485&type=1&l=999b45cf22

Kpress would like to thank the organizers, Three Angles Production for the invitation to cover this amazing concert!


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