[COVERAGE] VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015


The 6 member boy group is finally here on our sunny island with their second solo concert; VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015. The group started off their concert with the songs On And On, Voodoo Doll, Light Up The Darkness and then Secret NightAfter the 4 songs, the boys greeted their fans (ST☆RLIGHTs) hello as VIXX before greeting them individually, earning more screams from the audience.


Then, Ken took over the stage with his amazing voice through covering Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.


Ravi brought out his rapping skills through his solo, Ghost while Maknae Hyuk started on the piano with his solo cover of Jeff Bernat’s Call You Mine, melting all the fans’ heart.


After-which a VCR was played, showing fans the different emotions of VIXX in Slow-motion before all member came back up on stage with Say U Say Me and Rock Ur Body. The next ment from VIXX was to show some individual stretching/gymnastics moves they each have. While Leo went all out by showing a high flip, Ken won the hearts of the fans.


Ballad songs, Love Letter and Someday had all audience moving their beautiful voices while moving their fanlights. Those without fanlights even brought out their flashlight on their phones to participate in the sea of white lights.


Leo turn on the stage again with his powerful vocals for this solo stage, Words to Say. Hongbin followed after with his solo dance stage in combination of some awesome LED effects while N wow-ed the audience by dancing blindfolded.


Following the tempo, the members appeared in gold suits for Hyde, Beautiful Killer, Eternity as the well-known Error. Recharged by the fans’ cheering and screams, the encore started with Love Equation, From Now On and You’re My Girl.


The boys promised that they will be back really soon, as well as to produce better music for the fans before they ended the night ended with G.R.8.U.

For more photos, please head to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.947786798605062.1073741849.253229304727485&type=1

For some live action from the concert, please head to https://youtu.be/4Y7dLpKWpvs

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Kpress Singapore will like to express our thanks to Three Angles Production once again for inviting us to cover this concert!

Text by: Joey
Photos by: Joey
Video by: Sandra


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