[EVENT] Korea MICE and Culture Festival 2015 in Singapore Feat. Block B, K-Tigers, Drum Cat & Sorea


Mark your calendars next month for KTO Singapore’s inaugural Korea MICE & Culture Festival! Come on down to the Raffles City Convention Centre on 8 May, from 12pm for a day of fun and activities! Visitors can visit the various tourism booths to get information about travelling in Korea, featuring Gyeonggi province, Jeju island, and of course KTO. There are also several hands-on activities happening throughout the day, such as making traditional Korean cookies, soap making, and Korean hand massage.

Visitors also can take part in our Mystery Mission challenge to stand a chance to win fantastic prizes, including tickets to the exclusive invite-only performances at night!
That’s right, an exclusive event featuring performances by Drum Cat, K-Tigers, Sorea, and K-pop idol group Block B, only for invited fans!

The good news is we are giving away the first batch of tickets through SNS events so quickly LIKE our KTO Singapore and WAH! Korea Club Facebook pages to take part!

Ticket giveaway link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AKaSvYPhdZN07UhSvnndc4jZ4HEbFIc-7S7DddIDZwc/viewform?c=0&w=1

The giveaway event ends on 29 April so hurry up!
See you at the Korea MICE & Cultural Festival 2015 at Raffles City Convention Centre this 8 May!

[EVENT] GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore


GOT7 is finally coming to meet fans in Singapore for the very first time!

Be prepared to meet the first hip-hop boy group equipped with “Martial Arts Tricking” presented by JYP Entertainment. They are the fastest boy band to have hit number 1 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart since debuting in 2014. The group consists of 7 charming members with JB as the leader and the rest of the members are Mark (from United States), Jackson (from Hong Kong), JR, Choi Youngjae, BamBam (from Thailand) and Kim Yugyeom.

Besides making regular appearances in dramas and variety shows, GOT7 also has their own reality shows, including ‘I GOT7’ and ‘Real GOT7 Season 1 and 2’.  You might also recognize Jackson in hit variety show, ‘Roommate Season 2’.

Let’s have an enjoyable and fun-filled evening with GOT7 on April 25.

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Organizers: LEAPIMS

[EVENT] Korean Drama OST Night

Korean drama lovers are in for a treat! For the first time ever, Mode Entertainment proudly presents a specially conceptualized concert featuring the most popular & well-loved Korean drama OST theme songs. This concert will be staged on 22nd April 2015, 8PM at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre.

“OST”, an abbreviation for “Original Sound Track”, is a common term used in Korean Pop to refer to the music and theme songs showcased in popular Korean dramas.

The concert will be headlined by the reigning Queen and King of K-Drama songs – Korean Pop superstars, Baek Z Young and K.Will, who are performing in Singapore for the first time.

Baek Z Young, the top female vocalist in Korea, is well known for her mega hits – the theme songs from “Secret Garden”, “Rooftop Prince”, “Iris”, “Good Doctor”, and the 2015 drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, among others. The respected veteran ballad singer has been a regular chart topper in Korea, with multi-platinum-selling albums since her debut in 1999, cementing her status as a National K-pop treasure. With sold-out concerts across Korea, she also released a #1 album which was a collection of the TV drama OST she recorded.

K.Will, the most successful K-pop male vocalist to emerge in recent years, is most famous for his OST theme songs from dramas such as “You Who Came from the Stars”, “King 2 Hearts” and “Brilliant Legacy”. He is also the voice behind the theme song of the latest K-Drama hit series “Pinocchio”. K.Will was awarded the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist in 2012, and hit #1 on Billboard K-Pop Top 100 in 2013. Renowned for his vocal prowess, stars such as Rain and actor Lee Min Ho have proclaimed their love for his singing skills.

Get ready to be wowed by the excellent performances of Baek Z Young and K.Will, which might also include surprises from their own non-OST hit repertoire.

This much-awaited concert also includes an eagerly anticipated nostalgic “Classic OST Theme Songs” segment, which will include evergreen all-time favorites from Korean dramas and movies dating back to the early 2000s. Theme songs of classic, unforgettable dramas such as “Winter Sonata”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Goong”, “Full House”, and movies such as “My Sassy Girl”; performed by respected K-Pop vocal duo GB9 and talented female vocalist from “The Voice of Korea”, U Sung Eun.

Korean Drama OST Night promises to be one memorable night of heartrending nostalgia and unforgettable touching moments. Relive your fond memories of these dramas. Complementing heart-wrenching, humourous and emotional storylines, the music of Korea’s best-loved dramas will tug and touch your hearts. If you are an ardent fan of these endearing and internationally renowned drama series, this is a rare concert not to be missed!

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Organizers: Mode Entertainment 


It has been around 10 months since I’ve made the list of K-varieties to watch for 2014. Hence, it is time for a new list, biased in April 2015! Please do read the first part  before reading this! Once again, The shows that I’ll be listing are currently running on the Korean TV channels.  The information of the shows are mostly from Wikipedia, while I’ll add on my own comments/opinions and ratings of the show.

1. Running Man

I believe this show has to be on this list no matter what, because it is so well known, even if you’re not a fan of Kpop. And even though it is not as interesting as compared to the past, when the show is still new, it is still a show that I will watch every week once the episode is being subbed. The most recent episode stars FTIsland Hongki, CNBlue Yonghwa and Jung II Woo gets a little more interesting as the games are suggested by fans from around the world. And the first game was from a Singaporean fan, with the well-known, “What time is it Mr. Big bad wolf”. The episode ends with the legendary Name-tag tearing game which was missed by the global fans.

Rating: 8/10

2. Real Man

Real Man had undergone a total change in their casts, which was quite a pity because I was looking forward to Henry. From the initial, Seo Kyug Suk, Kim Soo Ro, Sam Hammington, Park Hyung sik, Park Gun Hyung,Chun Jung Myung, K.Will, and Henry, the casts have been changed to: Im Won-hee, Kim Young-chul, Sam Kim, Kim Seung-hyun, Lee Kyu-han, Jung Gyu-woon, Kangin, Sleepy, Sam Okyere, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jo Dong-hyuk & HighTop. Unlike Season 1 where the guys are all in different batches, Season 2 gathers all of the current casts except for Donghyuk and Hightop to enter the military in the same batch. There was also the female special, season 1 and season 2, where the female artistes go through the same treatment as the male casts. I personally think that season 1 was more interesting than the second season.

Rating: 7/10

3. Superman is Back

This show is getting hotter and hotter due to the kids’ cuteness, growth, everything. The twins and triplets are the ones who set the Noona’s giggling and coo-ing at their cuteness, be it the citizens who’ve met them or the viewers watching them from miles away. Sarang is no longer cute but she’s getting prettier as the episodes goes by. The newest member of the show is Uhm Ji-on, daughter of Uhm Tae Woong, making Ji On the new mankae of the show after the twins. This show is a must-watch for me every week too.

Rating 9.5/10

4. Dancing 9 

Yay, dancing 9 is back! Having won a season each, Red Wings and Blue Eye are back for a final match which will determine the final winner for the whole Dancing 9 show. In this season, instead of finding new dancers from the public, they are finding their past dancers in each team from the past two seasons. And including the MVP of each team, there is also another member added. So technically, there are 11 dancers per team. In this season, the losers of the first round will have 2 members eliminated, making the next round 11:9 dancers. The team who wins 4 rounds out of 7 will be the final winner. I think this will be the most exciting season of all, since only the best of the best makes it into this season. Even though not all of my favorite dancers are inside, but most of them are and the dancers are really very strong. Unlike the past seasons, I still cannot make my decision on which team I would like them to win. I like Red Wings’ masters but I personally like Blue Eye dancer more.

Rating: 9/10

5. Crime Scene

Crime Scene (Hangul: 크라임씬) is a South Korean variety program with Hong Jin-ho, Park Ji-yoon, NS Yoon-G, Jun Hyun-moo, Lim Bang-geul, and Kang Yong-suk as the hosts for its first season. The second episode has hosts of Jang Jin, Jang Dong-min, Hani,Hong Jin-ho, and Park Ji-yoon. At the start of the game, the players (both recurring cast members and guests) are introduced to the “Crime Scene”, which is a mockup of a murder scene replicated on a stage area, and are tasked with figuring out who the murderer is. Upon discovering the crime scene, the players are given the “case briefing”, which includes a summary of events that occurred before the murder and a list of the possible suspects. Immediately afterwards, each player chooses a suspect to roleplay as for the remainder of the game. The players are then given more detailed information about the suspect they are respectively portraying, including the suspect’s personality, whereabouts during the crime, relationship to the other suspects, and (in the case of the murderer) evidence that can be used against them.

After the Final Criminal Vote, the player who receives the most votes is “arrested” and locked in a makeshift prison, and the players who voted for that person are revealed. If the arrested player is the criminal, everyone who voted for that player receives a bag of gold coins. However, if the arrested player is not the criminal, the actual criminal wins all of the gold coins that the other players would have won. This show is also a interactive show, where viewers can cast their votes on which host/guest is the suspect. This show requires some logic and IQ, if not some plot for the crime scene.

Rating: 9/10

6. A Style for You

Following “A Song for You”, “A Style for You” is hosted by HeeChul, Hara, Bora and Hani which is a fashion related show. The hosts/guests on the show will offer viewers beauty know-how and also take them through seasonal trends, and also offer style advice and highlight key fashion and beauty must-haves. For those who are interested in K-fashion, or simply Hani’s Make up, do watch this show! (PS. I’ll never understand Heechul’s fashion style)

Rating: 6.5/10

7. Fluttering India

Where the casts Kyuhyun, Minho, Sunggyu, Jonghyun (CNBlue) and Suho heads to India, where all of them has not been there before even though they’re Kpop idols. Even Kyuhyun, and thus he confirmed that the rest has not headed to India in the first episode. (His logic.)

The program, produced by Lee Ye Ji of the “Hello Counselor” fame for KBS 2TV, revolves around the cast members’ interactions with the people in India and the challenges faced by them, such as language barriers.

“It’s a program that was planned as a series. But it was so hard to coordinate the members’ schedules. As they say, it’s hard to even catch a meal with each other and it’s the dream of the ‘Fluttering’ series that these same members would stay on,” the producer said, according to Soompi.

Rating: 6/10

Again, there are much more variety shows, 2D1N, Weekly Idol, Infinity Challenge, etc. The above listed are the shows that I watch frequently and are still running.

[COVERAGE] APink Pink Paradise in Singapore


Coming to Singapore for the third time, and bringing their first ever solo concert with them this time, is the ever growing popular girl group, APink! The girls greeted the media together with 300 lucky fans whom have won passes to the Press Conference, in white, together with some background. “It feels like the girls are brides walking down the aside” The host commented. Even with 300 pink pandas (apink fans) in the press conference, they all kept their screams for their idols to provide the media to listen to the press conference at ease, unless requested by the host.


They started with a group introduction, before going down to some individual introduction which they did it in English. The first question was for Eunji, what kind of impression does she have on Singapore. She tried hard to answer it in English, but gave up halfway as there’s too much she wanted to say;

Firstly, I’m so surprised that so many fans (are here) for us. I have the most warmest gratitude towards our fans. I have never had fans coming to see me early in the morning and we are so grateful for all your support. We never dream about having a solo concert before but it’s like a dream come true to have this solo concert in Singapore. We are so grateful for it. Thank you.


Down the line, next question was for Namjoo, which was a different question for her as it was about which country’s fans gave her the most exciting impressions or most love. She answered even though they are Korean singers, they are very glad to have international love and support from fans all around the world. They will like to especially thanks fans in Singapore. They had such a warm welcome from them especially in the airport. (Some fans has flew out of Singapore and to come back just to stay in the airport to welcome them.)


Next was for Chorong, which the host asked about the group’s plans for 2015. The leader answered that APink will continue to work hard in 2015 to provide great music for their fans, as well as to present more special performance in their future concerts all around the world.


As for personal ambition for the year, Naeun expressed that she would like to keep on with a healthy lifestyle by exercising or by just waking up early and sleeping early. Due to their heavy schedules, they hardly have time for themselves, so she would like to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent herself from falling sick.


Bomi asked everyone to expect every single part of their concert as they have prepared with their best efforts. There will also be a special part during the performance called the Pink Club, and they invite everyone to dance & have fun with them.


Last question from the host is for Hayoung, about what is the most memorable concert or performance she has had. The youngest feel that out of every special moment she had as a member of Apink, she think that the most memorable one would be her debut stage. They put together their dance, songs,  and prepared everything together so it was a very special moment for her.


There were also some questions prepared for the girls from the media, as it was their first solo tour, and Singapore being the first overseas stop. Naeun replied that it is their honor to have their first concert out of Korea, in Singapore. They can’t come Singapore very often so they are very thankful that they can spend this time with Singapore fans. They are also going to enjoy and share their songs and performances that they’ve never shown before; they’ve been looking forward to the concert day in Singapore.

Anything to the girls will say “No No No” to? Although they will try their best to say yes and be positive, they do become selectively when it comes to recording their songs because the girls want to bring out their best side of them for the fans, Chorong answered.

After experiencing “Real Man” a variety show (more details here), Bomi gained more confidence through the whole process and the discipline and the hunger she had to endure was the most challenging for her. She is also composing a bit, step by step with the help of BTOB’s Iihoon. She is surprised that we know that she has been composing because not everyone knows that. The composing came about as a leisure activity rather than as a profession but she is having more interest into it.


About which concept each member would like to try in the future, Chorong answered that the concert will provide a platform for them to showcase their individual fortes and personalities to their fans. With that, they ended their press conference to prepare for their concert at night.

I would say their concert is among one of the enjoyable ones that I’ve attended. The fans were so supportive and also enjoyed themselves in the music, especially during the “clubbing” part. I guess it was the first overseas stop for the girls, hence they were all feeling emotional when it was the encore part. Naeun was tearing, and some girls had tears in their eyes. Kpress Singapore hope the best for the girls, and we hope that they will grow more in their music and their popularity. Till the next time, the girls promised their fans that they will be back in Singapore real soon!

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Text by: Joey
Photos by: Joey & Sandra
Transcript by: Sandra