[COVERAGE] Ha Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore


Ha Ji Won kick-started her 1st Asia Tour in Singapore successfully on the 10th of January at the Singapore Conference Hall!

The gorgeous actress started the show by singing “That Woman” from her famous drama, Secret Garden OST, bringing the fans back into the drama. She also said that every time she hears or sing this song, she will feel that she’s back to the female lead, Gil Ra-im.

Ji won also showed much enthusiasm to meet her fans in Singapore as she had learnt English for them and she tried to reply to the MC’s questions in English herself as much as she could. She also has waited for a very long time to meet all of her fans in Singapore and she’s very happy and excited to see you them in her fan meet.


The actress also recalled the scenes and sites that Ra-rim had went in Secret Garden through a video. She thinks that she’s the best ‘wire’ actress in Korea for action scenes even though she has Acrophobia (fear of heights). Every one was shocked to hear that Ji Won actually has Acrophobia, despite all the cool flying scenes she has done in the drama. Ji Won expressed her love for action scenes and she promise her fans that she will overcome her fear for heights to bring much more cool action scenes for every one.


There was a board with most of the male actor that Ji Won has partnered with in her career, and underneath the posters, there are actually games for the fans to interact with the star on stage. Ji Won thinks that Hyun Bin’s the best partner from all the actors that she’ve partnered with because they have to switch roles in the drama. Two games were being played with the fans and there were fans who flew from other countries such as Malaysia and China, etc just to see her in Singapore! She then sang a Chinese song: 对面的男孩看过来 for her fans, before ending the fan meet with a High 5 session.


From the whole event, fans can actually see how much effort Ji Won has put in for this event by learning to sing, dance, sing in Chinese, and even learning  English, just for her fans in Singapore. I was truly impressed by her effort and I hope Ji Won will be able to meet her fans in Singapore again soon! Once again, much thanks to KMTV Asia for the invitation to this awesome event.

More photos are up on our Facebook page: Ha Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore Photo Album

Written and photos by: Joey


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