[COVERAGE] Singapore E-Awards 2014


The 6th Singapore Entertainment Awards was held on last Saturday Night, 17th May at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa.  Artistes present were Xiao Gui Alien Huang, JiaJia 家家 , Chen Zhan Peng 陈展鹏, Deng Yang Tian 邓养天, Lollipop@F, Ling Kai 铃凯, Budak Pantai and the only Korean act, Henry from Super Junior M.

Being the first male SM entertainment solo artiste and being a part of Super Junior M, the cute lad managed to grab 5 awards in total that day; 2 individual awards and 3 group awards.

When he came out, he greeted fans with ‘My beloved Darlings’ 我亲爱的宝贝们. If you’re an ELF, you would know who he steal that line from : Donghae. Anyways, he went on with saying how is he excited in being here in Singapore again. When asked if the other members passed anything to him for their Singapore fans, he said they miss their fans here and the food very much. He spoke in English at first, but he changed into Chinese because he thinks that his Chinese is very good, stressing that  我的中文很厉害. Henry also said that before he went to sleep the previous night, he dreamt of all the beautiful fans present until he got headache, stomach-ache and butt ache (LOL).

Below’s an interesting interaction with the MCs and Henry:

Lady MC: Can we have someone to help him take the awards backstage to let Henry prepare for his performance?
Henry : /stuns/ What? NO! THESE ARE MINE. MINE!
/pouts  /glares at MCs /hugs awards closer

Everyone was coo-ing at how cute he was and was laughing at his antics. He also promised to become a good solider in ‘Real Men’, an army reality show that Henry is in. Henry also promoted SJM’s latest album “SWING” and he said that they might have a fansign here in Singapore, might. He also promised that he will bring the whole group (Super Junior & Super Junior M) back in Singapore real soon. So, Henry, We’re all waiting!



Photos here:


Thanks to Adrian for the invite!

Coverage by: Joey

Photos by: Joey & Sandra





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