[EVENT] Korean Night Festival 6 2014




Korean Night Festival, presented by Daehan Education Center, held on 7th June 2014 at the Singapore Conference Hall provides an opportunity for locals from all walks of life to gather for a nightlong event to celebrate and showcase their love for the Korean Wave.
The growing interest in Korean culture has triggered this annual event, Korean Night Festival, which pride itself for being wholly organized by volunteers with the support of both Korean and local enterprises.

The theme for 2014, the Kwave Evolution, celebrates the arrival and development of the Korean Wave and how it has shaped social and cultural trends in Singapore from the late 1990s to today.

Kcarnival [FREE]
The Kcarnival is a pre-event exhibit that will allow ticket holders to learn, experience more on both the modern and traditional aspects of Korean Culture. Try on Hanboks, learn how to write your name in Korean, play traditional games and many more. Due to popular demand the running man games are BACK!
​Normal Access to the Kcarnival Pre-Event. Thanks to the support of our sponsors we are now able to provide free admission to the Kcarnival.

KNF Highlights [Price: $30/$35]
The KNF line up will bring about an amazing line up of performances. And not to mention the amazing giveaways, one lucky winner may even walk away with a free trip to Korea! There will also be a special appearance made by LUNAFLY! Goodie bags will be given to all ticket holders,including vouchers from KNF’s sponsors, Korean Snacks, Teenage Magazine and more! Please take note that the event is free seating!

K-pop World Festival Auditions
​​KNF has also been selected to host and select the best performers who will represent Singapore in KBS’s K-pop world Festival. Show toppers will be given an opportunity to go on an all expense trip to Korean to perform in the festival once selected in the top 15 of all participating countries.

How to purchase your tickets

KNF6, Kwave Evolution ticket sales has started! You can purchase your tickets directly at Daehan Education Centre or online at bit.ly/KNF6Tickets. Tickets must be shown at the redemtion booth in order to collect your goodie bag. Lost and damage tickets, suject to availability, may be replace at a price. Unsold tickets will be on sale on event day, however we strongly suggest early purchase.


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