[COVERAGE] TOPPDOGG gave their First Overseas Fanmeet to Singapore!


The 13 member boy group, TOPPDOGG held their first overseas fanmeet here in Singapore on the 12th of Jan! They debuted just last year, to be exact 24 Oct 2013 with their first hit, Say It, under stardom entertainment. The group consists of P-Goon, Kidoh, Hanseol, X-ero, Gohn, B-Joo, Nakta, Yano, A-Tom, Jenissi, Sangdo, Hojoon and Seogoong.

The group started the fanmeet with Say It with the cheers from their fans, ToppKlass. They started to talk about Singapore, the cleanliness, welcoming fans and the infamous Chilli Crab and Chicken Rice. Then, Member Kidoh performed his solo stage A Girl Like You, which was the only solo stage that day.

Of course, in a fan meet, there will be games for the fans to have some upclose interaction with their idols. And the first game was Charades. Toppdogg was spilt into their dorms, Dorm A and Dorm B, as all of them couldn’t fit into one, and pick out some lucky seat number. (And well, I would say, I was lucky enough to get picked by the Dorm B members) Questions like Little Mermaid, Hiccups, Model and even EXO were given and the members as well as the fans (and me) were supposed to pass down the actions or interpret the previous action on their own. And I will have to say, I have no idea what the member infront of me, Sangdo, was trying to show but I just passed whatever he did to the next member in front of me, Hanseol. So in the end, Dorm A won but each fan got an autograph CD!

The second game was to shake of post-its which two fans were picked. And they will have to pick a member to go against and they can stick 5 post-its on them wherever they want. (/smirks) So Kidoh choose to place one on a fan’s lips and she decided to do the same which they both got it off within a second into the game. And so, the lucky fans also got an autographed album despite winning or losing to the members.

After the games, Toppdogg went for a quick change while some videos were shown. It was a teaser for Open the Door, their comeback album! Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuG0zVEmJm4&feature=player_embedded

The dance line,Team Wizard (Hansol, Hojoon, B-Joo and X-ero) put on a dance performance with each member doing different genres (Waccking, Hiphop, Popping & Tatting). While the rest of the members sang Cigarette, their title song for the repackage album. And then they sang Cute girl and they jumped off the stage to get closer to their fans.

For the Encore, ToppDogg performed Say It once again but a liver version of it. The members where jumping around, hugging each other and teasing Toppklass and the song continues. They left the stage with “I love you”s and heart signs before coming out again for the Autograph session, Group/Solo photo session and Hi-touch session.

Kpress will like to thank East Entertainment for the invitation to cover the fanmeet!

Photos of the Fanmeet:

Coverage and Photos by: Joey


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