[COVERAGE] Christmas with Lunafly

Christmas for Lukies was celebrated early with their lovely boys, Lunafly at the rooftop of Jcube on the 20th December! Sam (26), the leader of Lunafly, together with Teo (20) and Yun (19), appeared in white and grey and started their show with Day By Day. They specially prepared the English version of that song for their Singaporean fans. (Aww so sweet)

They also covered several English songs like Bruno Mars’s When I Was Your Man and Pink’s Just Give Me a Reason which made the crowd to sing together with the familiar tunes. One More Step and You Got That Something I Need from their first full length album was also performed for those who were there. Teo’s speech sent everyone in giggles and laughs through his ‘English’ and even some Chinese pick-up lines! They continued their awesome live singing through old school songs such as  Westlife’s My Love and As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys.

Then, they went for a short break and appeared back in front of their fans in black. Sam appeared with sleeves cardigan, Teo with black and white checked outwear and Maknae Yun with the ever smart looking black blazer. Lunafly continued with their songs Stardust and an OST of popular Korean drama, Pretty Boy, 길치 (Poor Sense of Direction) , and also covered Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors,  Maroon 5’s Love Somebody and Chris Brown’s With You. They even did an impromptu Superhero with Teo playing the chords on the keyboard as Sam and Yun’s vocals blended in with the fans’ singing along. It was truly amazing how they can impromptu-ly perform a song and yet still sound so awesome, especially with Lukies singing along with them. Despite the light drizzle on that day, Lunafly get the crowd jamming to What’s Your Name and Help Me Find A Way (English Version) from the first album.

What is a showcase without members performing their special talent? Sam awkwardly did an aegyo (due to fans and even members’ request), Teo did a parody of Crayon Pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar’ while Yun made a cute kissing sound into the microphone which sent fans into screaming mode. While Teo continued to entertain us with his ‘English’, Chinese and even Japanese, a special event by the Singapore Lunafly Fanclub , whom bought Lunafly a cake to celebrate their 450 days of debut was being prepared. They ended their concert with Fly To Love, their hit song.

Of course, what is an concert without an encore performance? After several shouts of “encore!” from the crowd, which was filled with fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Japan, Lunafly appeared with their Santa costumes and started singing Christmas jingles. But I guess the crowd was more focused on getting a stalk of rose from the members who were walking around the venue with a basket full of roses. They presented roses and candies to as much fans as possible and it ended with a happy note. I guess, it was the best Christmas present Lukies received yet!

Link to Photos from the event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.675464312503980.1073741840.253229304727485&type=1&l=309ad068cb

Thanks to East Entertainment for the invite! Sorry for the late coverage but we hope you will enjoy this! Kpress wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Photographs and Coverage by: Joey


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