Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea is proudly organized by Mediacorp Vizpro International and Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Singapore and co-organized by CS Company and Korea Tourism Organization.

Korea Festival 2013-Vizit Korea; the first and only Korean-focused consumer travel, food, lifestyle and entertainment event which took place at the Singapore Expo from Oct 25-27. Throughout the three days of event, visitors are entertained by KPOP artistes Apink, NU’ EST and A-Jax. With performances of 90mins each, it was the perfect opportunity for their fans to catch them live in Singapore. The event also played host to the Korean Film Festival 2013 with special screenings of The Grand Heist, The Thieves, A Werewolf Boy and more! Special appearance from Lee Chae Young and Song Dong II who brought his whole family to the event as well.

Apart from star appearances, the event also had several cultural and experiential booths and performances such as the Korean Speech Contest, Challenge Hankuk, Performances by BRAVE Dancers, Little Angels, NUS Korean Culture Interest Society and Star K. A spectacular Taekwondo demonstration which showed strong kicks and flying kicks left all visitors in awe.

World famous Todai Restaurant also promoted their specialty Korean dishes at the Vizit Korea Food Street and chefs came from Korea to demonstrate some of the finer techniques in perfecting the well-known Korean side dish, Kimchi. The event’s opening ceremony was also graced by Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Mayor, Central Singapore District.

The Press conference was held on the event stage, on the first day at around 5PM and it was attended by Apink, NU’ EST, Lee Chae Young and Song Dong II. Song Dong II’s family was also seated amongst the VIP seats!

Lee Chae Young said that she came to Vizit Korea 2013 to promote the Korean culture, Kpop as well as Korean Movies. She hopes the crowd will enjoy their time at the 3 days event. When asked by the media if she is more comfortable with acting or modelling since  she does very well in both, she replied that she enjoy doing both acting and modelling but she prefers to be known as a good actress.

It was Song Dong II’s first time in Singapore and he’s very happy to be able to come to Singapore with his whole family. He wants to personally thank everyone for loving Korea’s culture, music and movies and Vizit for the opportunity for him to visit Singapore. A question was raised by the media about the best and worst thing about attending ‘Daddy, Where are we going?’ with his son, Jun. He said that the best thing is that he got to hang out with Jun alone on the show but the worst thing is Jun gets spoiled by him. Another question was also asked if he would recommend Singapore to the other casts/PDs as a place for filming ‘Daddy, Where are we going?’ since he have visited Singapore, he answered that he would go back to Korea and tell everyone that Singapore is the world’s cleanest country. He also joked with everyone that we will need to continue loving the Korean culture if not he will not come back!

Apink was thankful that they were being invited and thanked everyone for being there. They also hope that everyone will learn more about the Korean Culture during the 3 days of the event. They recommended to visit Jeju Island if you were to visit Korea, as the scenery is really beautiful there. Apink picked Bomi as the member who has the best variety skills in the group and her skills are improving day by day. Another question was if Apink will go for a sexy concept since all along Apink’s image is always cute, Apink expressed that they really respect the other girl groups who have a sexy concept but for them, they will continue to stick to their cute concept.

NU’EST was also thankful for having them at the event and they are honoured to be here to promote Korea. They also wish fans will continue to love Kpop as well as NU’EST! They recommend shopping at DongDaeMun and Korea’s Kimbap and Tokbukki is a must try too. The member who has the best variety skills in NU’EST? Ren as he is really entertaining and good at copying girl group dances. When asked about their favourite NU’EST songs, I Love You More, Fine Girl & Please Don’t were their answers.

Speeches from Mr Suh Chung-Ha the Korean ambassador, Mr Shaun Seow CEO of Mediacorp and Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong are given as well. Then NU’EST took over the stage to give a preview of the “NU’EST in Singapore with LOVE” concert which was held the following day. Lastly, APINK brought their fans to scream for them as they performed I Don’t Know, BUBIBU, My My, U You, Lovely Day, Like A Dream and the famous No No No for the crowd. Apink also picked some lucky fans to get onstage with them to collect a prize and also to take a photo with Apink! The group thanked their fans and promised Singapore fans that APINK will be back in Singapore again. They ended their showcase with taking photos with all of their fans!

On the second day of the event, there were also performances from Little Angels, NUS and Brave Dancers. ‘The Thieves’ and ‘A Werewolf Boy’ was also screened in the Screening room. Then NU’EST come on to the stage for their ‘NU’EST in Singapore with Love’ showcase at 7.30PM. They performed Face, Action, Not Over You, Beautiful Ghost, Fine Girl, Beautiful Solo, Sleep Talking, Please Don’t, Hello Hello and Hello. Fans were in for a treat as a handshake/Hi-5 session was also held on the stage, some lucky fans even managed to get a hug from them! Some fans were too happy that they managed to get to meet their idols and also shake their hands that they cried after leaving the stage. Before ending their showcase, NU’EST also promised their fans that they’ll be back for them again!

On the third and last day of Korea Festival 2013- Vizit Korea, Brave dancers concluded their last performance for the event. Challenge Hanguk and a Speech contest was also held on the 27th. A-JAX came out to greet their fan at 5.30 and they performed ONE 4 U, Hot Game, Only You, 2MYX, Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers OST) and Going Crazy. Their fans were going crazy over A-Jax as they also had a handshake session and also played a game of Scissors, Paper, Stone with fans for their autographed CDs! Delicate fans also prepared a birthday cake for Seungyub whom birthday was on the 23rd Oct and the crowd sang a birthday song for him as Singapore fans wish him a belated birthday. They ended their showcase with the hopes of seeing their Singapore fans again soon! Then the last movie for Vizit Korea ‘The Grand Heist” was screening on the stage and Lee Chae Young also came out to greet the crowd as she introduces her movie. She hope that everyone will enjoy the movie and like it very much. The whole event ended by a closing ceremony and a lucky draw.

Photos of the event:


Much thanks to Divyesh for inviting KPress to this awesome three days fun filled event!

Written by: Joey & Ophila

Photos by: Joey


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