[EVENT] Vizit Korea 2013

Vizit Korea – the Ultimate K-Culture and K-Pop Event!

Embark on an experiential journey to Korea without leaving Singapore!

Vizit Korea is the only Korean-focused consumer travel, food, lifestyle and entertainment event taking place at the Singapore Expo from Oct 25 – 27, 2013 featuring NU’EST, APink & Lee Chae Young!

Riding on the growing Hallyu, Vizit Korea features a variety of Korean products and brands set amidst a thematic backdrop with experiential activities including cooking demonstrations, food sampling , hair styling and makeover sessions, K-Pop contests, complimented by entertaining stage programmes.

Featuring a special thematically designed layout, Vizit Korea presents the very best of Korea under one roof in 4 separate zones:

  • SIGHTS OF KOREA: Specially packaged Korea tours, including aesthetics travel and selected travel destinations
  • SAVOURS OF KOREA: Sample Korean snacks  along Korean Food Street and see demonstrations by leading Korean food brands
  • FEEL OF KOREA: Buy lifestyle products and services
  • SOUND OF KOREA: Get into the beat of Korean culture and enjoy showcases by Korean artistes.

At Vizit Korea, you can expect to…

  • Sample Korean delicacies and snacks as if you were in a street in Seoul!
  • Shop and buy Korean products,  souvenirs, and knick knacks
  • Learn new things about K-Culture, Korean aesthetics and more!
  • Watch Korean fashion designers, hairstylists and makeup artists transforms the ordinary to extraordinary!
  • Book your next trip to Korea at incredible prices
  • Enjoy performances by upcoming Korean artistes and other Korean acts
  • Interact with Korean chefs, and learn the finer arts of preparing Korean food
Artist’s Impression Only

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