[COVERAGE] Etude Pink Play Party Featuring SHINee,Sulli & Kelvin

Etude’s Pink Play Party Season 4 was held in Singapore MBS featuring SHINee,Sulli & Kelvin!

Fans were lining up to get in when it was way before the doors were open which was 5PM. Once the doors were opened, everyone received a Pink Etude drawstring bag filled with Etude goodies as well as some other stuff! Once entered the event hall, there was several games fans would have to complete before they could enter the concert area. There were also several make-over booths were girls could just request for a simple makeup to be done on them. Samples of Etude’s nail polishes, skincare products were also displayed on tables where the girls can get their nails done by themselves! Popcorn and Etude’s Pink Pong water was also given to ticketholders and guests will just have to fill up their particulars to get them along with some merchandises of Etude’s ambassadors SHINee. There were also photo zones with SHINee standees and also standees of Sulli and Krystal could be found. Water dispensers was also stationed in the middle of the event hall for ticketholders to fill up their Pink bottles found inside their welcoming kit.

The event started with Kelvin LaoShi coming up and after while Sulli also came up to pick out some lucky people to receive a gift from her. Kelvin showed his awesome makeup skills with Etude House products and the crowd was amazed. Some lucky girls also had the chance to went up the stage to receive a gift from Sulli herself and also a photo with her. After all the chaos, SHINee came up to wow the crowd with their awesome dance moves. The night ended with SHINee throwing the huge Etude balloons which we on stage!

Check out the pictures taken from the concert here:


Remember to like our page too! Kpress once again thank Etude House for the invitation to the concert!


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