[COVERAGE] Skull & Haha First Showcase in Singapore 2013 Press Conference

HaHa, along with his Reggae duo partner, Skull, were in Singapore  last month for a fan meeting event. They were equally excited as it was  their first time in Singapore.
HaHa briefly mentions that Jongkook had a fanmeeting in Singapore and Kwangsoo was next on the list. Regarding a filming in Singapore (we saw it coming), HaHa replies with “I don’t know, maybe” thus  receiving mixed reactions, mostly on the positive side. “Did you expect  Runinng Man to be so popular overseas” to which HaHa replies that it was a surprise to him and even the crew as the show wasn’t that popular in  the beginning. He explained that it was the special episodes filming  overseas that caused more overseas fans to watch the show and thus,  became more popular.
With a Running Man question thrown at Skull, Skull reveals he is a  HUGE fan of Running Man and was never jealous of HaHa due to his  popularity. He respects HaHa for what he does and because of him, they  were able to meet the fans in Singapore.

When asked to name something that we do not know about HaHa, Skull  says that he is manly and has a high tolerance for alcohol. They were  asked what would they be doing if they weren’t singers, HaHa thinks that Skull might be a hairdresser for reggae hairstyles while Skull thinks  that HaHa might be managing his own Korean restaurant (which he already  has one).
HaHa and Skull ended the press conference by jumping into the audience and snapping a group photo with fans.

We would like to thank Leap IMS for inviting us to cover this press conference.


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