[COVERAGE] Etude Pink Play Party Featuring SHINee,Sulli & Kelvin

Etude’s Pink Play Party Season 4 was held in Singapore MBS featuring SHINee,Sulli & Kelvin!

Fans were lining up to get in when it was way before the doors were open which was 5PM. Once the doors were opened, everyone received a Pink Etude drawstring bag filled with Etude goodies as well as some other stuff! Once entered the event hall, there was several games fans would have to complete before they could enter the concert area. There were also several make-over booths were girls could just request for a simple makeup to be done on them. Samples of Etude’s nail polishes, skincare products were also displayed on tables where the girls can get their nails done by themselves! Popcorn and Etude’s Pink Pong water was also given to ticketholders and guests will just have to fill up their particulars to get them along with some merchandises of Etude’s ambassadors SHINee. There were also photo zones with SHINee standees and also standees of Sulli and Krystal could be found. Water dispensers was also stationed in the middle of the event hall for ticketholders to fill up their Pink bottles found inside their welcoming kit.

The event started with Kelvin LaoShi coming up and after while Sulli also came up to pick out some lucky people to receive a gift from her. Kelvin showed his awesome makeup skills with Etude House products and the crowd was amazed. Some lucky girls also had the chance to went up the stage to receive a gift from Sulli herself and also a photo with her. After all the chaos, SHINee came up to wow the crowd with their awesome dance moves. The night ended with SHINee throwing the huge Etude balloons which we on stage!

Check out the pictures taken from the concert here:


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[COVERAGE] Skull & Haha First Showcase in Singapore 2013 Press Conference

HaHa, along with his Reggae duo partner, Skull, were in Singapore  last month for a fan meeting event. They were equally excited as it was  their first time in Singapore.
HaHa briefly mentions that Jongkook had a fanmeeting in Singapore and Kwangsoo was next on the list. Regarding a filming in Singapore (we saw it coming), HaHa replies with “I don’t know, maybe” thus  receiving mixed reactions, mostly on the positive side. “Did you expect  Runinng Man to be so popular overseas” to which HaHa replies that it was a surprise to him and even the crew as the show wasn’t that popular in  the beginning. He explained that it was the special episodes filming  overseas that caused more overseas fans to watch the show and thus,  became more popular.
With a Running Man question thrown at Skull, Skull reveals he is a  HUGE fan of Running Man and was never jealous of HaHa due to his  popularity. He respects HaHa for what he does and because of him, they  were able to meet the fans in Singapore.

When asked to name something that we do not know about HaHa, Skull  says that he is manly and has a high tolerance for alcohol. They were  asked what would they be doing if they weren’t singers, HaHa thinks that Skull might be a hairdresser for reggae hairstyles while Skull thinks  that HaHa might be managing his own Korean restaurant (which he already  has one).
HaHa and Skull ended the press conference by jumping into the audience and snapping a group photo with fans.

We would like to thank Leap IMS for inviting us to cover this press conference.

[COVERAGE] LeeKwangSoo First FanMeeting in Singapore Press Conference

LeeKwangSoo held his first ever fan meeting not in Korea but in Singapore! Well known as the framing master,betrayer and giraffe in the famous Korean variety show, Running Man, he showed us a different image of him during the press conference. You might think that he is really wicked and arrogant and all what-not, Lee Kwang Soo is actually a kind and shy person if you get to meet him. Whenever questions related to his marriage, grading of his looks, etc, he will usually start with a laugh and say ‘Thank You’ before laughing again. He is conferred the title Asia’s Prince because of his immense popularity across Asia. And he commented that he is also embarrassed whenever he is being called the Asia Prince.

His hilarious and charismatic personality in Running Man propels him into international stardom and he is very grateful for the producers and the cast of Running Man. He said that Running Man indeed propelled him into international stardom, but he is grateful to Running Man not because of the raise in popularity but because through the show, he has meet wonderful friends (the casts, producers, guests, etc.)! When asked about his personal ranking of the Running Man Casts in terms of strengths, he started off with a laugh but he placed Sukjin as the last place. Followed by Haha, Gary, Jaesuk, Jihyo then him and placed Jongkook as the first place. He listed them in order while laughing and he kept on repeating that the order was just based on his opinion. About why placing Jongkook in the first place and not himself is because he knows that Jongkook is very sensitive to all these listings so he placed him in front of him. (But later he commented that the episode where he won Jongkook was the most unforgettable episode for him.)

He hope that he will be able to  come to Singapore again with the other Running Man casts to visit their Singaporean fans or even film an special episode of Running Man in Singapore.  View the photos here with bonus photos from the Fanmeet! Kpress would like to thank Faith & D entertainment for the invitation to the press conference one again!



SKARF held their first exclusive showcase ‘DREAMS COME TRUE’ in Singapore this August.

Comprising of 5 members (Tasha, Ferlyn, Hana, Jenny and JooA), SKarf recently made a comeback in May with their first mini album ‘Luv Virus’, which has received much positive response from the fans. Other than their showcase which was held on 11th August, SKarf have also held a press conference for the media and a Meet & Greet session for the fans on the 10th.  As Tasha and Ferlyn are Singaporeans, this makes Singapore fans feel related to SKarf and this has proven with the amount of fans that have turned up for both the showcase and the Meet&Greet!  SKarf is the first ever Singapore-Korean girl group in Korea and have managed to gain much attention after or even before they debut. This was SKarf’s first official showcase in Singapore and they have performed songs from their first two mini-albums, along with interesting new programs for the fans in Singapore.

Check out the photos taken by us throughout all three events!


Thanks to Alpha Entertainment and My Dream Station for inviting us to this event!