[COVERAGE] Asia Style Collection feat. SNSD & 2NE1

Asia Style Collection is a fashion show-concert which showcases different styles of collection from Singapore,Japan & Korea. The event is supported by various artistes such as SNSD,2NE1,Thelma Aoyama, AI and Mai Kuraki etc.

The press conference started at around 11.30am featuring the various designers, Mediacorp artises and Japanese Singers and models who have flown to Singapore for this show. The free-entry carnival started at 3PM attracted a lot of people as there were stalls selling beauty & fashion items from Japan and Korea. Food and Drinks were also sold in the carnival while fans go crazy as they hear SNSD & 2NE1 etc rehearsing in the next hall.

The pre-show segment was started by DJ Shigeki and his hits at 6PM. The show officially started with a live performance by AKB48 & SNH48. They even have a joint stage before bidding good-bye to their fans. The runway started with the TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION featuring Japan latest trends by brands like Azul by mousy. KIKKA THE DIARY OF and OLIVE des OLIVE. Following that Japanese artistes Thelma Aoyama, AI and Mai Kuraki. They engaged the audience by asking us to stand and move to their songs and AI even rehearsed her fan chant with us!

Next was the K-POP COLLECTION hosted by Korean actress Shauna Koun Han. Once the K-pop collection slide was up, the excited fans rushed near the stage immediately by was asked to go back to their seats by the guards and the host for their safety. Korean fashion brands JADE, DINT, TOM & RABBIT and Qnigirls took the runway with their popular fashion. And the 2NE1 girls wrapped the segment up with their amazing performances. Despite some technical problems during their performances, the girls gave their fans (BlackJacks) their all and the fan were scream & shouting their lungs off. 2NE1 expressed that they were very happy to be able to see their fans in Singapore again and also reminded BlackJacks about their upcoming song coming up this week. With I Love Yous and flying kisses, 2NE1 ended their stage and was telling their fans that 2NE1 will be back again this week for their label mate/senior G-Dragon’s concert in Singapore.

Reckless Ericka took the runway as The Sam Willows performed to kick start the STYLEXSTYLE COLLECTION. Celebrities such as Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Jeanette Aw, Dai Yang Tang, Ann Kok , Michelle Chong and Yvonne Lin wore creations from Depression, Mash-up and Zenchi down the runway with power vocals from Claressa Monteiro. Local model Sheila Sim takes centrestage with Ong Shunmugam. Live performances by Issac Dang and the oercussion band Rhythm de Pasion ended the collection.

SNSD were the last to appear on Asia Style Collection. Fans were screaming at high pitches, shouting at loud voices for their favourite member and even standing up on their seats just to get a better view of the girls! Their fans (SONEs) even planned a fan project for one of the members, Seohyun who’s birthday is coming. They said that it has been long since they have come to Singapore; their last visit was SMTOWN in Singapore on Nov last year, and they missed the good food and of course their fans. SNSD also brought good news for Singapore SONEs as they announced during the show that they will be back with their Concert tour in October! They ended their stage will Gee and promised their fans that they will be back. The show’s closing ceremony celebrates the first ever fashion and music collaboration between Singapore, Japan & Korea as they walk down the runway together.

Check out our photos that have been taken during the event here!

Once again, I will like to thank Mediacorp and styleXstyle for giving us this opportunity, especially Daniel! Kumsahamida~


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