[COVERAGE] Sparta Kim Jong Kook Fanmeet & Showcase in Singapore

Known as Running Man’s commander, or kookie (as he prefers), had a fan meet showcase in Singapore on the 22nd February and had 1680-seats all filled up. Fans of Kim Jong Kook were actively cheering for him throughout the entire showcase and Kim Jong Kook confessed that the turnout made him nervous.

Despite having a translator, Kim Jong Kook spoke mostly English during the showcase and was taught singlish (singaporean phrases)  by the emcee. One of the phrases taught was “sotong” (it means blur) and the emcee suggested he could use it on Kwangsoo. Jongkook laughed and said “sotong” means cow dung in Korea. During the introduction, Jongkook mentioned that this was his second trip to Singapore. During his first trip, he came right after Running Man filming in Hongkong and got to taste our local food such as chicken rice and chili crab. His first impression of Singapore is – Singapore is clean and have big trees, and his response was met with laughter from the audience. As promised by the commander, he agreed to inform the Running Man directors of his experience and hopefully get the crew to film in Singapore another day.

“I hope you see you again, hopefully with the running man members” says the man himself.

With several songs and game interactions with the audience, it concludes the showcase event. Jongkook had put up a great show and we hope to see him again!

Photos by: Mode Entertainment


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